Kat Kristian: From Tomboy to more feminine

Kat Kristian: From Tomboy to more feminine

Kat Kristian: From Tomboy to more feminine


Kat Kristian is an Indian popular actress, and model

Kat Kristian is an Indian popular actress, and model. She is mainly known for her fabulous videos that she uploads on her social media. She has gained a lot of recognition after her appearance in the popular TV reality show in MTV "India's Next Top Model in Season 4". She is India's one of the trendy ladies and is currently seen in MTVs most viewed show "Splitsvilla 13".

Sharing about who Kat is in the real life, she shares, "When I was growing up, I've always been called as 'non-girly girl'. I had my hair cut short and I preferred wearing baggy jeans and loose shirts over dresses, hence I was labeled a tomboy by my friends but I'm a completely different person now. I'm very expressive, more feminine but still a very private person. I think I have always been a dreamer. Since as long as I could remember, I would have these wild fantasies and visions of doing and achieving great things in my life and I think dreaming big has shaped my personality and helped me become the person I am today."

Kat shares that she never really wanted to do a reality show because she wasn't ready to showcase her personal life on-screen. She adds, "I used to think the participants are often told to be dramatic, overly emotional and extreme with their gigs to rake numbers but eventually when I did 'India's Next Top Model', it changed my perspective about reality shows in India as it was an intense fashion-based and performance-based show. I entered the show as a wild card entry and had fun but 'Spiltsvilla' was a completely different experience, it was more challenging, and I learned a lot in show.

When it comes to living a healthy life and enjoy the life to the fullest, I think I should be thanking my mom as she always pushes me to eat better and live healthier. She is truly an inspiration to me and more than anything else, it is about your own health and that should be the priority."

While the pandemic has disrupted lives all around the world, according to Kat personally she has learnt a lot in this phase, it made herrealize what's important.

"First of all, I have started to appreciate the little things in life more, we all get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little blessings in our lives. It made me realize, the more thankful we are for what we have, the less inclined we are to focus on what we don't have.Gratitude helps us value the small things we often take for granted. I believe lockdown has also made me mentally stronger and made me more compassionate to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. Sharing is caring. Sometimes we need to remember how important kindness is. We need to remember that we have been given a gift called life and that we should appreciate it," concludes Kat.

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