SS Rajamouli's Son Karthikeya Brings Malayalam film Premalu to Telugu Audiences

SS Rajamoulis Son Karthikeya Brings Malayalam film Premalu to Telugu Audiences

SS Rajamouli's Son Karthikeya Brings Malayalam film Premalu


Premalu, the acclaimed Malayalam film, is set for a Telugu release, marking the debut of SS Rajamouli's son, Karthikeya Rajamouli, in Telugu cinema. With its captivating storyline and authentic portrayal of Hyderabad, the film's Telugu adaptation promises to be a cinematic treat for audiences, arriving on screens March 8th.

Premalu, a recent Malayalam sensation, is all set to weave its magic in the hearts of Telugu audiences. And steering this journey is none other than SS Karthikeya, the talented son of the legendary filmmaker SS Rajamouli.

The buzz surrounding Premalu's Telugu release is nothing short of electric. This heartwarming tale, set against the vibrant backdrop of Hyderabad, has already captured the imagination of movie buffs across India. Now, with Karthikeya at the helm, the anticipation has reached fever pitch.

Karthikeya personally ensures that every aspect of the film, from dialogues to emotions, resonates with Telugu audiences. The dubbing process is well underway, with meticulous attention to detail to maintain the authenticity of the original narrative.

As the release date approaches, the excitement only intensifies. Premiering on March 8th, just in time for the festive Shivaratri weekend, Premalu promises to be a cinematic treat for Telugu viewers. Whether it's the urban crowd in Hyderabad or the rural audience in distant villages, everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this much-anticipated film.

Premalu's success story in Kerala is nothing short of phenomenal. Since its debut on February 9th, it has been dominating the box office charts, winning hearts with its touching storyline and authentic portrayal of Hyderabad. Telugu movie enthusiasts are already raving about the film, eager to experience its magic in their own language.

However, amidst the anticipation, there's also a sense of curiosity about how Premalu will fare in the Telugu market. With recent challenges faced by dubbed films, there's a hint of uncertainty lingering in the air. Yet, with Karthikeya's passion and Rajamouli's legacy backing it, there's a quiet confidence that Premalu will carve its own niche and leave a lasting impact on Telugu cinema.

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