A snake will always be a snake!




Pakistan has once again reminded us that a viper could only spew venom and whatever is its condition it would not stop doing so.

Pakistan has once again reminded us that a viper could only spew venom and whatever is its condition it would not stop doing so. The latest attack on our jawans was a grim reminder of this fact. The vehicle carrying our soldiers – all of them from Rashtriya Rifles unit deployed for counterterror operations – was fired upon by the terrorists and also faced a possible grenade attack, the Army said. A massive cordon and search operation has been launched in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district following the terrorist attack on an army truck on Thursday. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said he was anguished at the loss of lives of the brave soldiers. "In this tragic hour, my thoughts are with the bereaved families," the Defence Minister tweeted. Other political parties also condemned the attack and mercifully, the Congress did not seek to blame Narendra Modi or Amit Shah, perhaps due to the upcoming elections in Karnataka.

India seems to be desperately searching for an option to adequately respond to Pakistan in the aftermath of every such attack in Jammu and Kashmir by the Pakistani-sponsored terrorist groups such as Jaish-e-Mohammad. One surgical strike of the past has not taught any lesson to the Pakistan Army, ISI and terror modules operating from the neighbouring soil. This terror country is standing in front of the world with a begging bowl today unable to recover from its financial mess and even its best friend, China seems to be deserting it slowly by denying any new loans or by waiving the interest on the previous ones. All Chinese plans and programmes in the country have almost come to a standstill. Yet, the Pakistanis have not learnt any lessons. More because we have not taught an effective one to them so far.

Whether our leaders' hearts bleed for the soldiers' families who are regularly martyred or not, India should have been merciless with the terrorists in the neighbourhood, both in government, army and in civil spaces. Are the real options elusive? Or is it that we just don't have time to tackle it once for all busy as we are with our internal politics and uprooting governments? Whenever someone talks tough, some voices vociferously advise the government to talk peace with the neighbour. Talking to Pakistan pacifies that country temporarily but it is not a permanent solution. It has been noticed in the past that while such peace initiatives have been going on, a section in that country always tries to scuttle such endeavours. Pakistan raises the temperature at regular intervals by launching terror attacks. This is G20 Presidency time for India and we are all set to host its next summit in Kashmir on Tourism. The latest attack is perhaps a way to remind the world that Kashmir is a tinderbox. We have to realise that we are talking of a rogue state here. Every country, however tiny or big, will always try to protect itself from the invading armies and deal with such groups relentlessly. We only act in spurts and when we feel it is essential. Terror is a constant. Hence, anti-terror operations also should be so.

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