Stay home, God helps only who help themselves

Stay home, God helps only who help themselves

Nearly a week of clampdown is passing by. There is a clear pattern now in the spread of coronavirus.


Nearly a week of clampdown is passing by. There is a clear pattern now in the spread of coronavirus. Initially, it has begun with all those who returned from foreign shores to the country.

Those with clear symptoms were quarantined and the suspects and even asymptomatic ones were advised home quarantine. Some, only a few, respected it and the others merrily spread it to others. Then came the wave of those on a particular 'religious tours' who turned it into a 'spread the virus' tour.

Some patients gave it to their doctors who later dutifully transmitted it to the locals without even knowing about its presence. Because of one such patient from Saudi Arabia, the doctor's family as well as 900 patients had to be quarantined. One oversees patient helped the authorities lock up 15 villages thanks to his extrovert nature.

Then we have a sub-collector from Kollam in Kerala who fled home quarantine with his newly wed wife to UP. Yet another Corporator in West Bengal, one Altaf, asked people to assemble for Namaz to drive away corona. These are just a few examples of a nation full of covidiots.

How long does this nation bear with such fools? We are now entering the most crucial III phase of the virus spread. This community transmission phase is critical for the nation as such stupid persons as listed above could wipe out the nation's health and wealth with their foolhardiness.

There is no way other than staying home and staying safe to fight coronavirus. Other things are being put in place slowly. Let us just survive this phase on our own and for our own sake. More than 5,10,000 people around the world have been infected by the novel coronavirus, while 22,900 have died so far. Italy leads the toll with 7,503 deaths, followed now by Spain with 4,145 deaths and China with 3,287 deaths.

The United States has crossed 1,000 deaths and is expected to enter the top-3 in a week. Here are the highlights of March 26: Some 3.3 million Americans filed jobless claims last week - more than four times the previous record. The US unemployment figure was released after the US Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill, including $1,200 for most adults.

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that self-employed people facing financial difficulties will be able to have 80% of their monthly wages covered by the government. He said this will be calculated using average monthly profits over the last three financial years and the support will be capped at £2,500 per month and will initially last three months.

The UK has crossed 10,000 cases, with about 500 deaths. G20 leaders have vowed to inject $5 trillion into the global economy. The nations also pledged to ensure flow of medical supplies and critical agricultural products across borders and work together to facilitate international trade.

India too has done its bit and still planning its best. Our police, medical, para medical, essential services personnel are all working for us relentlessly round the clock. We need to thank them silently and strengthen their hands.

Let us not fail the government, let us not fail those working for us. Let us not fail our families, societies and our families. Let us not fail ourselves. These are not the times that God would be willing to help.

He helps only those who help themselves. Please, please, please, two more weeks, stay safe. Or else in a month we will be seeing only funeral processions.

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