Trump's warmongering could turn catastrophic


So, Donald Trump is a 'dove'. At least he believes in it, it seems.

So, Donald Trump is a 'dove'. At least he believes in it, it seems. Because that is what he said the other day after he 'withdrew' in the last minute, his strike call against Iran.

Now he has imposed fresh sanctions against Iran and added that war was still possible. That is how a dove thinks. Anyway, it seems war is just a matter of time in the region.

The problem here is that if the US attacks Iran, it may not be confined to just the two countries. There is every possibility of it becoming a world war.

This is the general concern of every country - at least the right thinking ones. The Middle East is being pushed closer to the war every day by the US which abruptly pulled out of Iran Nuclear deal. Trump had faced bitter opposition over it.

Either he is deaf or blind to reason. Yes, he says he does not want war. Yet, he thrusts it on others. Iran says it does not want a war, but it will and shall not meekly surrender to Trump's vagaries at any cost in the face of a war.

While it does so, it naturally sucks all others around it and also distant ones into it. Too much of oil is involved here. And too much of strategic importance. There are many more Trumps in the Middle East ruling their countries like restless jacks.

These Sultans and Kings have a problem with their neighbours and also with themselves. So, when the US says it does not want a war, it is taken not with a pinch of salt but by a tonnes of it.

Because, it has imposed sanctions and stepping up more and more on Iran while also sending drones and warships to the Persian Gulf. The anger of the US is against the rulers of Iran, but its sanctions are crippling the life of the people of the nation.

What Trump is seeking is not just halting Iran's nuclear programme or stockpiling of its nukes, but he is seeking to change the very nature of the State. He seems to be targeting the very DNA of Iran and its culture.

The build-up of tensions in the region is continuing at an alarming pace. After Trump called off the airstrikes, US national security adviser John Bolton went so far as to say that Iran should not "mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness."

But who would think that the only superpower in the world is weak? Washington's inexplicable fear of being seen as soft is a particular sensitivity of hegemonists.

What is worrying is that Washington does not realise that its greedy pursuit of hegemony hides an inherent danger that will cost the world and itself.

The fact that the US abandoned the Iran nuclear agreement and that none of the other four permanent members of the UN Security Council did so reflects the sentiment of the international community.

Iran has not completely pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which leaves some flexibility, and the international community is actively mediating.

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