Coping with PCOS

Coping with PCOS

Many chemicals are hormone disruptors resulting in various hormonal issues

In simple words, PCOS is a hormonal imbalance amongst women of child-bearing age. Basically, in addition to making estrogen, women also make a small amount of testosterone. And in the case of PCOS, a little extra testosterone is produced that results in irregular or heavy menstrual cycles, extra hair growth on unwanted areas like face or chest, thinning of hair, fertility issues and weight gain. PCOS is particularly common amongst teens. The medicines are strong and have side effects.

So, what is the main cause of hormonal imbalance? Chemicals! Many chemicals are hormone disruptors resulting in various hormonal issues. Find out how you can easily reverse or prevent any hormonal imbalance….

Go plant-based

Meat and milk products contain both natural and injected hormones that disrupt our system. Avoid the trigger itself by going plant-based.

Go organic

PCBs and dioxins found in insecticides are hormone disruptors. Buy naturally grown produce and save your health and the environment too.

Stop processed foods

Preservatives are nothing but chemicals and do nothing to preserve our health. They cause hormonal havoc in our system.

Go for natural cleansing products

Household products (floor cleaner, dish-washing bars, detergents) and personal care products (cosmetics, sun-screens, shampoos, soaps) are full of chemicals. Make that little effort to source natural products, it will be well worth your time.

Opt for steel cookware

The non-stick coating has chemicals that manipulate our hormones. Invest in heavy-bottomed or surgical steel cookware.

Avoid plastics

Plastics contain phthalates that are hormone disruptors.

Beware of medicines

Certain medications are hormones. Medicines too are chemicals and play around with our hormones. So, take such good care of your health that you wouldn't need to pop any pills.

Avoid GMO

Soy, corn, wheat, and a few other grains can be genetically modified. India is yet to approve the commercial production of a GM food crop, so we are relatively safe. However, India does permit the inclusion of GM ingredients in food products. So, buy organic and buy local.

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