Magical power of meditation

Magical power of meditation

The mind must be put through the work out of meditation to remain fit, healthy and ready for anything…

We all live magical lives. The world around us is brimming with so much beauty. There is so much to observe, to understand and to appreciate. Meditation is that important tool that helps in exactly this. It helps us become an appreciative and keep observer of our own lives. It is the process that elevates our mind from mere human to superhuman. The flowers, the trees, the skyline, the sunset- each magnificent incident of every day can be seen from an elevated perspective. Meditation is just the key that helps us live better and live happier.

It is a crucial tool to build focus, concentration or even increase your inner power. In this day and age, this is a magical and necessary tool indeed. Our fast-paced lives may fluster us, even shake us up. Meditation is that counterweight which can stabilise and center us once again. Much like the body needs to remain fit to work efficiently, the mind must also be put through the work out of meditation to remain fit, healthy and ready for anything.

It is a common misconception that only a long term and serious practitioner of yoga can attempt meditation. The fact is that every single human being can practice and benefit from Mediation. It is approachable by and helpful for everyone. Whether you are new to yoga and spirituality or an advance practitioner, there are specific Meditation techniques for health, peace, happiness, manifestation of inner powers and most importantly, contentment, gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes, it may seem very difficult to count our blessings but a few sincere minutes with your inner and true self will effortlessly remove any obstacles along the way towards bliss.

For everyday life, simple meditation techniques such as Sthiti Dhyan , Ropan Dhyan or Swaas Dhyan are best advised.

Sthiti Dhyan

Find a place which you do not frequent, preferably a natural environment for this technique.

Sit in any comfortable posture such as sukhasana. Look forward for 5 seconds, backward for 5 seconds and either side for 5 seconds each.

Now close your eyes and recollect as many details that you observed as possible. This meditative technique has numerous benefits.

It helps install a sense of calmness.

It also builds your Observation skills.

The process of this meditation helps improve Memory power.

It slowly builds within the practitioner a sense of Appreciation and gratitude.

Ropan Dhyan

Sit in any comfortable posture.

Envision a point of focus in front of your heart chakra.

Envision a similar point of focus inside your body near your heart chakra.

Inhale by concentrating on the external point as though the air is originating from this point.

Hold your breath and exhale from the inner point of focus as though the air is leaving from this particular point.

Your inhalation hold and exhalation must be of equal counts, i.e last the same duration of time.

This particular meditation technique is ideal to heal the body, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Swaas Dhyan

Sit in any comfortable posture.

Inhale deeply, hold your breath and exhale deeply.

Be a subconscious observer of your breath.

It helps build focus and attention, making the mind sharper.

It also balances blood pressure of the body.

It instils a sense of calmness in the body and on the mind.

Magical mediation techniques

There are highly skilled level of techniques such as third eye meditation, Akash Ganga Dhyan, etc. that have miraculous powers over the human mind. They have the capacity to generate new life to our Brian which in turn changes our whole life for growth and power. These meditation techniques are supposed to be done under the Guidance of an expert master.

It is important in your meditation journey to build clarity on why you want to meditate. If the purpose and objective is clear to the practitioner, then he or she can reap the myriad of benefits from meditation.

- Grand Master Akshar is a Yoga Master, Spiritual Guide, Lifestyle Coach and Yogapreneur

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