Nature's splendour on display

This foamy and frothy waterfall, flowing down in all its slendour is making for a great sight this monsoon. This beautiful waterfall is in Telangana State, Husnabad Mandal, Karimanagar District. Popularly known as the Raikal Waterfall, it has recently become more famous with tourists sharing the beauty of this brilliant piece of nature on social media and through news media. Reaching this waterfall in the wilderness needs a bit a trek of nearly 500 metres uphill, making it a spectacular closeup view of the waterfalls that has become even more so during the monsoons. Surrounded by lush greenery, as the water gushes out and flows amidst the hillocks crossing five levels and falls from above 150 feet on to the visiting tourists, it is an amazing experience which no other waterfall in Telangana offers. The Modeen lake on the foot of the waterfall offers great sight and a selfie-spot for the enthusiasts. Plans are afoot to create a mini tankbund and make raikal waterfalls area tourist friendly anticipating the increase in the number of visitors.

Raikal waterfalls enjoys the strategic location situated on the border of three districts Warangal, Karimnagar and Siddipet, and enjoys proximity to important cities in the State making it a weekend destination. Promises were made by the officials in 2017 to make it an ideal tourist location with all amenities and steps to reach the waterfall, but none have materialized, opine the locals. The area has huge tourism potential and is 17 kilometres from Husnabad. With basic facilities like toilets, changing rooms , drinking water and electricity can go a long way in enhancing the tourist potential thus providing employment to the locals. Meanwhile, the adventure-seeking tourists, government officials, MLAs and poitical leaders are all making a beeline to the locations, braving the trek to enjoy the nature's beauty on display. - Features Desk

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