Sorry, no time!

Sorry, no time!

If there is one word that can be termed as the ' Word of the Millennium' then it will be 'Scarcity'.

If there is one word that can be termed as the ' Word of the Millennium' then it will be 'Scarcity'.

Food, shelter, pure air to breathe, clean water to drink, natural resources, forests, birds, animals...and HUMAN beings.

If something has not become scarce until now, then it is on its way to becoming scarce.

Individually, one may have all the money in the world to buy the scarcest of the things... one may buy for themselves a trip to the safari and may even be lucky enough to spot a tiger or two or even go to Madagascar to see endangered animals, install air purifiers all around the house and like the rich Arab countries may make the impossible possible by growing forest in the middle of a desert or make sea water potable.

However, what will anyone do with time? 'Arey…No Time!' How many times have we heard this statement and how many times we have uttered it! And, how silly and unscientific do we sound when we say, 'I wish there were 48 hours in a day'. Go and study your high school science, one is tempted to say. Its earth that chooses to rotate on its axis a bit too fast and hence we ended up with 24 hours. Little did it know that there would come a day on earth when a whole generation would be wishing it took more time.

Time is definitely a scarcity today. Yet again, on reflection, one wonders - we have always had 24 hours, day and night included. How did we manage in days gone by? Not long ago, after everything else people even had time to catch up with friends and family, not just on phone but personally. There was a struggle for survival, people worked hard, enjoyed life in all its facets, and there was still time.

The problem is not with time management; the problem is with too many things to do, too much work, too many ambitions, too much fun, too much of everything we want.

All the life gurus in the world can come together and devise what they may call a fool-proof method to save time, and say – set your goals, cross your MITs (Most Important Tasks), schedule your tasks, turn off social media, declutter – you would still not have time; all you will manage to do is make more time to do more of something else that you want.

And come to think of it – Wants Are Unlimited – the whole economy runs on this premise.

Somewhere along the way, we lost track and lost all the time we had. And, today none of us have 'Time'. As a footnote: yet another thing that's becoming scarcer by the day is 'Common Sense'. We shall discuss more on this later – because – Now, No Time!

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