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Many popular chefs and bloggers are posting lockdown friendly recipes where one can cook with the least possible ingredients and the websites with amazingly user friendly, tried and tested recipes that will never go wrong, if followed diligently, have always been there to help cooking enthusiasts

Someone has righty said that if you do not come out of this lockdown with a hobby well pursued or a skill, then you never had a problem with time, you have been plain lazy or uninspired.

Inspiration these days is one thing we have in plenty for those who are into cooking or have always wanted to hone their baking skills or try a few recipes at home. Especially during lockdown,with time on hand, a lot of staying at home translating to a lot of times one gets hungry, many have been trying their hand at cooking and are religiously posting their culinary achievements on social media, and if the wonderful pictures do not inspire, what else will. Many popular chefs and bloggers are posting lockdown friendly recipes where one can cook with the least possible ingredients, and the websites with amazingly user friendly, tried and tested recipes that will never go wrong if followed diligently have always been there.

RuchiraHoon has been a journalist and is a blogger. She had participated in Masterchef India few years ago. In addition to curating menus she has her website, but it is her Instagram that is very popular. Simple recipes, easy to make dishes have been herstyle, especially for lockdown. Easy peasyBisibelaBhaat with left over rice and dal, Bread and Jam pudding that looks delicious and is such a hassle less recipe –Butter the bread, cut into chunks, put into baking dish, mix together milk, sugar, egg, vanilla extract and pour it into the bread and let it soak the milk. Dot with jam and bake at 180 degrees from 20 – 25 minutes and you have a delicious Bread and Butter Pudding with Jam, and you would have used up the left over bread too. Many such recipes will surely make your life easy.


Nishant Choubey is a Chef who has cooked for celebrities from Ambanis to many politicians and film stars. He shares his recipes on various platforms including YouTube, demystifying food and presenting dishes with a twist. Do check out his immunity booster tea made out of the things mostly available in your kitchen -Tulsi leaf, mint leaves, dalchini, raw or dry turmeric, elaichi, pepper, ginger and jaggery - Nothing great when compared to other amazing recipes that he shares, but surely relevant and extremely healthy in current times.

Nishant Choubey

Vah re Vah chef, or Vah chef as he is popularly known as has popularised his YouTube channel that features local recipes, some long forgotten, a few that are regular in Indian / Telugu households and many of them from different corners of the two Telugu states in addition to national and international recipes. From television cookery shows to his food channel that is one of the most viewed cookery channel for Telugu speaking people of the world, Chef Sanjay Thumma has come a long way. His inimitable way of connecting with people and simplifying the most complex of recipes peppering it with tips and titbits is what makes him so popular. While his most viewed video is perhaps the one where he shows how to make Kallu Chicken, his easy and varied methods of making Hyderabadi biryani can be viewed and adapted for those who haven't tried making the popular biryani at home.

Chef Sanjay Thumma

Hebbar's Kitchen run by Archana and her husband is all about vegetarian recipes that she posts on her website and other social media platforms. What started as a hobby on Wordpress went on to adapt video format and today, Hebbar's kitchen features multi-cuisine vegetarian recipes across platforms. From Pav to Kalajamun, all that wonderful food that you otherwise ordered from outside, learn to make it easily at home. Archana is also posting a series of lockdown recipes, out of which Instant Indian snacks is a good start.

Archana from Hebbar's Kitchen

Nigella Lawson's television show is one of the most watched food programmes in the world. She makes every recipe look easy to cook and her chocolate recipes are especially delicious. Indeed, her recipes are quite uncomplicated, and during lockdown the only challenge you will have is to ensure we have the right ingredients, that are otherwise easy to buy. Alternatively try looking for substitutes.

Nigella Lawson

Poonam's Kitchen posts recipes on YouTube, website, and social media handles; the one stop for all desi recipes. From sabudanakhichdi, to Kathi rolls, tandoori chicken or the not so common tilkepoori and millets appam – she has it all – food for all times and occasions. For most of us desi food is our go to food. And Poonam brings the most amazing array of recipes to help you get through these tiring quarantine times.

Tessa Arias, a trained chef and cook book author shares her recipes through her website 'Handle The Heat' and Instagram handles by the same name. Tried and tested baking recipes that she shares, if followed to the T will bring out the best baker in you. Cookies, cakes, brownies, desserts – all those delicious bakes you are enticed with at restaurants can be recreated in your home oven. She says 'I help take luck out of baking so you always have delicious results!'

Tessa Arias

Archana Doshi, a software professional, who turned to conducting cookery classes and posting recipes that gave her the option of staying at home, taking care of her kids and still being on her started 'Archana's Kitchen'. The website and You Tube videos bring together vegetarian recipes, which are a healthy mix of South Indian, North Indian and even international cuisines like Italian that makes her recipes diverse and popular.

Archana Doshi

A few more popular sites: 'Baking WithShivesh' – young blogger and baker gives recipes that help you recreate gourmet desserts. 'Passionate About Baking' is one of the most colourful websites that compliments recipes with amazing photography. Do try their Eggless Wholewheat Coffee Chocolate Chip Cake and Pumpkin Green Garlic Turmeric Soup…which is for comfort in cold days; but best for current season where we need comfort and there is raw turmeric available still. 'Whisk Affair' is yet another site that you need to visit every day – from breakfast ideas to lunch menus, from amazing tea time cakes to dinner recipes are all there. Neha's recipes like Bread Upma, Schezwan Fried Rice and Lavash Crackers are soul food for all times. Do not forget to try her Lemon Pound Cake. 'Sailu's Food' is founded by SailajaGudivada and it presents a lot of TeluguCuisine; easy to follow local recipes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Do try her rasam recipes.

Cooking is therapeutic, specially, now when we need a distraction of a positive kind. In addition to learning to cook, seasoned cooks can attempt to start a blog that could be the next one on the popularity chart.

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