The bubbles of happiness

To put in simple words the Bavarian traditional festival Oktoberfest is celebration of happiness. A variety of chilled beers combined with lip-smacking authentic food surely takes one on a cultural gastronomical ride. With the world becoming a global village… this Bavarian fest is being celebrated in many parts of the world. Closer home in Hyderabad Prost introduced the proper Bavarian Culture to the Hyderabad folks by launching an authentic German food menu with two new beers - Weizenbock and Munich Lager.

The zesty Weizenbock is specially brewed for Oktoberfest. Made up with dark caramelised malts and fermented by a typical wheat beer yeast with cloves and banana flavours, Weizenbock is best paired with Brezeln Obatzda, a German-style pretzel, which is large and soft…and shaped liked a heart plated innovatively to add to the fun.

Munich lager is the strong version of the basic lager. Orange in colour and with fruity hoppiness it is a good malty mouthful. Have a mug of this chilled and frothy of happiness with the dish Speck Gewickeltes Hahnchen Rouladen. It is a bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with sausage and served with chilli BBQ.

The beers made for the Oktoberfest takes 21 days to brew. In Munich Lager wheat-based hops, bitter hops are added to give the beer that tinge of bitterness. A dash of lime flavour is also added for the zesty after taste. On the other hand, Weizenbock consists of rice spices and the drink, on the whole, is little milder, providing that perfect balance on the menu.

A special shout out to Spinat-Kirschtomaten Spatzl on the menu. The blanch pasta is a German fine dumpling speciality tossed with garlic, wilted spinach and farm-fresh cherry tomatoes finished with cheese. Eat it piping hot and it just melts in your mouth and wash it down with either of the beers for complete satisfaction.

The other tantalising must-tries at the fest are Wurstl, a classic Bavarian sausage, which comes with apple sauerkraut, beer mustard and garlic pretzels and Brathendl, roast chicken with flavours of lemon, thyme and butter with ale flavoured jus served with shoestrings and rocket cucumber salad.

Conclude the traditional feast with the German dessert Donauwellen Kuchen. The Danube Waves Cake has amazing flavours like cherries, vanilla, butter and chocolate.

The fest is on till October 18.

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