What is spirituality?

What is spirituality?

What is spirituality? 


Why is it important in life?

Spirituality is the science of the Spirit, the Soul, the Atman, the life energy within us. Why is spirituality important? Because it helps us to realise who we are?Who is God? And what life is all about?The Soul, the Atman, and the life energy causes us to live, theygive us breath. If there were no life energy within us, then we would be dead, there would be nothing. The only thing that is real, that truly exists is this life energy, which is who we are, but which we don't realiase. We think that we are the body that we appear to be, that we are the mind, but in reality, we are the Spirit. Spirituality, thus, is the study of the Spirit. It is being aware, being conscious of our true self. It is realising our true self. If we do not live a life that is spiritual, as that life energy, that Soul or that Atman, that we truly are, we are living a life of illusion, we are living in darkness, in ignorance.Atman in Ravi (AiR)

What is a spiritual life? A spiritual life is not about living an ascetic life or renouncing the world and retreating into a forest or cave. A spiritual life is about realising the Spirit, whether we begin by meditating or by following a religion. Spirituality is awakening to the truth about the Spirit, our true self. One may read spiritual books, one may even have a guru, a master, one may listen to audios, watch videos, attend Satsangs or browse the net for information, but for one's spiritual growth or evolution, one has to go on a Talaash, a quest or a search for Spiritual Enlightenment. One has to transcend the mind and the ego ME, because it is this ME that takes us away from spirituality.

Many of us don't know what spirituality is or why it is important, but we want to experience a spiritual awakening, we want to experience self-realisation. We don't know who we are, where we came from and where we will go. We don't know who God is?Where is God?What is God? Though we acknowledge that God exists, that there is a power that we call God. But, think about it — how many people really want to know God? To realise God. Though we talk about positive thinking, spirituality, Spiritual Enlightenment, do we truly know the meaning of Spiritual Enlightenment?

Spiritual Enlightenment is the state of realisation – when we realise our true self. We realise that we are not this body that we always thought we were, we are not this mind - the mind is just a bundle of thoughts. Where is the mind? We cannot find. If not the body or the mind, then who are we? We are the Divine Spirit, the Soul, theAtman. This is also the ultimate goal of life. This realisation of the truth liberates us from suffering, from all misery and pain; from the cycle of death and rebirth. The truth is that this world is a cosmic drama, a play, and a projection. There are over 8 billion actors acting on the stage we call earth, and we all come, perform our role and go. However, we don't realise who is managing the show?Who is the producer-director of this show? We don't realise who is God? God is not a person or saint but a Power, the Supreme Immortal Power. Spirituality helps us realise the truth. Therefore, we must embrace spirituality.

Spirituality can eliminate our unhappiness. It can eradicate the darkness of ignorance, paving the way for us to live in the light of the truth. It is critical for our well-being and peace. We are so lost in this world of illusions, in ignorance that we do not contemplate that one thing that we must all contemplate – the Spirit, the Life Energy, the Atman, the Soul. Spirituality takes us towards the ultimate goal of life, Moksha. And with the guidance of a Guru, along with the Grace of the Divine, we can attain Moksha.

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