AM to PM skincare routine for a flawless skin

AM to PM skincare routine for a flawless skin

We all are not born with an innate knowledge of skincare routine order! Perhaps, if you don't layer your products the right way, you can hardcore...

We all are not born with an innate knowledge of skincare routine order! Perhaps, if you don't layer your products the right way, you can hardcore irritate and slowly lead to your skin demise. Yes, this fact might leave you anxious! But we have a perfect solution and have broken down the right order to apply skincare products, so as you don't apply products randomly. Because say if you did so, applied a moisturizer before a toner, you could render them straight-up ineffective!

Thumb Rule- Apply products from thinnest to thickest formula. Leave a gap of about one or two minutes in between each product application.

Let's begin


Yes for the sake of your skin's health, you need to remove all the pollutants or makeup before you bang into your beds. So lather your skin with a mild cleanser because for ingredients to absorb properly, you need a good skin that is free of oil and dirt. And in the morning, you need to cleanse your face as well to remove the left-out residue from your last-night care rituals. Therefore cleanse your face and let your pores breathe into the fresh air. However, you should also remember that face wipes cannot replace cleansers. Because face wipes are irritating, and they leave behind a layer of gunky residue that can break you out.


Choose a hydrating toner that replenishes the lost water that your skin barrier would have lost throughout the day or while washing the face. An ideal face toner helps in refining the pores, clarifies, and restores the pH level of the skin. Moreover, toners enriched with floral extracts provide a dose of refreshing delight that keeps the skin smooth, supple, tightened, healthy, and removes excess oil as well.


A serum is generally lightweight and delves deep into the skin to resolve almost all skin problems. Serums are normally a concentrated shot of hydrators, nutrients, and antioxidants. In the mornings, swear by a serum that is rich in Vitamin-C to fight-out inflammation and free radicals. While it also brightens and lightens your dark spots. In the night, choose a serum that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and Niacin amide to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. These elements in the serum make the skin glow ridiculously, keep firm, and plump, till you wake up.

Eye cream

For the mornings, look for an eye cream that has a formula filled with caffeine which helps temporarily constrict and tighten puffy under-eyes within 20 minutes. Admittedly our eye area is delicate, prone to rashes and irritations, so you have to be gentle! Hence for the night-time, select a hydrating eye cream that will protect your under-eyes and repair the skin barrier overnight.

Moisturisers or facial oils

Whether oily or dry skin, you need to be using moisturisers or facial oils. Because it helps in keeping your skin barrier healthy. Also, facial oil not only infuses the skin with hydration but also traps in the products used before it. During the morning time, use a hyaluronic based moisturiser which doesn't feel heavy on the skin and keeps you hydrated all day long! It would be great if it offers SPF too; in case you are not planning to slather on sunscreen. The skin goes into repair mode during the night to fix the damage and to generate new cells. Hence your night-time moisturizer or facial oil should be filled with proteins, lipids, etc which your body produces naturally.


During the night you don't need sunscreen but in the morning you just can't go without it even for a single day! Sunscreen is there for your face and body to armor against the outside world. The absolute bare-minimum SPF that you need for your face & body is SPF 30; to avoid any sun damage by UVA or UVB rays.

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