Balanced Eating: Unlock Mental & Physical Health

Balanced Eating
Balanced Eating

Ladies, please don’t let yourself and your family get tempted and fall prey to this madness which can result in physical and mental decline and can be fatal

The lockdown has me reminiscing about the good 'ole days of just spending time with your near and dear ones, accompanied with joyous laughter and obviously a nutritious scrumptious meal. I was very fond of hosting these until the demands of my guests got the nutritionist in me going crazy! From requests of flour-less dairy free cheese pizzas to bullet proof coffees. I was left feeling angry at what people were doing to their mental and physical health in the name of well-being.

With Covid19 I am yet seeing crazy fad diets when the need of the day, now and always, has been balanced meals that are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that promote good health and emotional quotient. Ladies, please don't let yourself and your family get tempted and fall prey to this madness which can result in physical and mental decline and can be fatal. Let me explain how these illogical, unscientific Fad diets can cause severe nutritional imbalances causing the mind and body to be totally dysfunctional.

Fad diets like Keto, Paleo, Low Calorie to name a few often result in the elimination of grains depleting us of nutrients essential for our survival causing more harm than relief. Starve the body of carbohydrates and it automatically uses fat as its primary energy source. This instant mechanism leaves your mind and body 'stressed' lowering immunity. It's an un-natural state of being and it's the last thing ever needed especially during a pandemic.

Popular mono-diets assign one food group a day not understanding it is a synergy of carbohydrates, fats and protein are needed for overall well-being. Intermittent Fasting, focuses only on fasting time gap blatantly ignoring quality of food and natural meal timings. Long fasting hours along with low quality food may result in a sugar and electrolyte imbalance, leading to gloom and doom.

Vegan diets are popular but can cause Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 deficiencies your bodies energizers. Meal-replacers contain no fresh ingredients, with added preservatives and chemicals, taking away the fun from eating real food leaving you unsatisfied and vulnerable to diseases.

What I recommend for all is to strike a balance, and it's easy with correct nutrition. Mother Nature has provided us with everything we require to live a mentally and physically vibrant healthy life. When your daily diet is from seasonal, local and organic produce - Vegetables (30%), Fruits (10%), Whole-grains (20%), Good quality fats (20%) from cows ghee, coconut oil, nuts and seeds and proteins (20%): pulses, legumes, peas, fish, eggs or dairy, flavour foods with our healing spices, and drink plenty water through the day and your minerals and vitamins are automatically restored daily.

So please take my advice and do not let the lure of unrealistic diets hamper your immunity, peace of mind and health.

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