Beauty hacks for long-haul flights

Beauty hacks for long-haul flights

Summer time always calls for a vacation with family or your BFF.

Summer time always calls for a vacation with family or your BFF. Before you jet off to your favorite destination, it is important to make sure you and your skin are Instagram ready.

Long haul flights can be a total buzzkill for your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated sometimes even leading to a breakout. Here are a few long-haul flight hacks to help you protect your skin be your glowing best on vacation.

Hydrate and Moisturize: Recycled air in the cabin can make your skin look kale crisp.

Moisturizing your skin at regular intervals is important and just like how your BB Cream comes handy every day for moisturizing skin, it is important to use them during flights to quench your skin.

Apply moisturizer or hydrating lotion that contains Vitamin E to help solve this problem. And also having a hand cream and lip balm helps you fight the unavoidable cracked skin.

♦ Mini Rose water Spray all through the way: One of the most common airplane beauty tips besides moisturizer is spraying on rose water regularly.

It is a great way to give your face the freshness and also revive the tiredness replacing the nutrients lost during the journey.

♦ Mask it overnight: Flying takes a toll on the freshness of our body and skin. Take advantage of the long flight and put out these sheet masks over your face as they have the traditional wet formulas.

These sheet masks packed with floral extracts, oils and vitamins which will leave your skin tightened.

♦ Essential oil: Essential oils are nothing but extracts from plants, using lavender or tea tree oil keeps you fresh enough for long duration. The essential oil has the special effect on the scalp that makes your hair frizz free.

♦ Go minimal with makeup: Never go heavy on the layers of makeup with the constant Air conditioning as it can create havoc.

Always limit your makeup with a simple BB Cream that is rich with moisturizers and evens your skin along with a swipe of mascara. With minimal makeup means you still look polished and make your skin feel fresh for longer onboard or maybe until you land.

Most of all take care of your body by drinking ample amount of water because it's not just your skin that gets dehydrated but also your body. Make sure you follow these hacks and your skin will Thank you when you get off the plane.

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