Let appliances do the heavy lifting of household chores on this Parent's Day

Parent’s Day

Parent’s Day


For the majority of us, childhood is the most memorable part of our lives– we were happy-go-luckyand away from the worries of the world.

For the majority of us, childhood is the most memorable part of our lives– we were happy-go-luckyand away from the worries of the world. All our needs are were taken care of, by the endless hours our parents have investedin our growing years. Right from childhood to adulthood, they have showered their love upon us, unconditionally and endlessly. Now, as we turned into adults forever running busy lives, spending time with our parents has become a luxury. We are not able to be there for them, as much as we would have liked. Moreover, with the pandemic and no help from housekeepers at home, our parent's lives have become tedious than ever before. However, all is not grim, thanks to the latest developments in technology.We now have appliances that can help our parents get their household chores done easily with the click of a button. So, this Parents' Day, we urge you to gift appliances that can do the heavy lifting for them, while they enjoy their retired life.

Automated appliances for cooking

In 2020, during the complete lockdown, we learnt that we need to be independent and not bank on house helps and other home upkeep services, especially when aged parents are living by themselves. Managing household chores like cooking, washing, and cleaning became very exhausting for any youngster, so imagine what a struggle it might be for our old parents.

That was when the dire need for technological intervention was felt even more than before. Home appliances like microwaves with technology offering auto-cooking and smart sensors seemed ideal. These provided the elderly with technological independence and were less labor-intensive, making it easy to operate. From the array of options these days,you can choose to buy from the range of microwaves from brands like Voltas Beko that come with auto-cooking modes that will reduce the efforts by half and comes with convenient features like a digital display for monitoring time. Such appliances will help our parents cook easy and quick meals without exerting themselves for too long in the kitchen.

Smart Appliances for Cleaning

Next to cooking, cleaning and washing are the second most tiringtask on every householder's list of chores, especially for the aged. There is a dire need to bring home Wi-Fi and IoT-enabled products like Robo cleaners and dishwashers with AquaIntenseTMthat make the process much easier and doable for all age groups.

Health and Hygiene area priority, time to upgrade our appliance

From last year, we all have learned that keeping up the focus on health is primary for all of us, especially when it is about our children and the elderly. As we all are aware, children and elders are the ones who are highly susceptible to fall sick and contract diseases. Therefore, in the post lockdown phase, health and hygiene features should be a priority while buying a home appliance for the elderly, especially during the monsoon season.Companies these days have taken the onus to proactively upgrade home appliances that can take care of the health and hygiene of their customers. Home appliance brands have introduced products with features that can help to keep our surroundings healthy and free from any bacteria. For example, washing machines by Voltas Beko come with the Hygiene+ technology that provides anti-allergic laundry for sensitive skin while removing micro-organisms leaving the clothes clean and germ-free. Besides these appliances, as the pandemic has urged us to maintain high levels of hygiene, installing a small air purifier at one corner of your parent's house can help keep the indoor air clean and the rooms allergen-free.

These are just a few ways to appreciate them and all that they have done for us. Ultimately, these helping hands will give them and us, children, the assurance that our parents live comfortably and lead a seamless life after spending most of their younger days nurturing us. It is time we prioritize them and their needs and do away with the worries with the help of these technology innovations.

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