Make your look trendy!

Make your look trendy!

Lakmé Salon unveils ‘Art of Latte’ – a haircut and colour collection with five stellar looks that are sure to make a statement wherever you go

A hot new hairstyle can boost your confidence, add a zing to your step, make you look younger, help you get over heart-break…the list is endless.

But, add a pop of colour and say Hello! to a brand new you!This season, Lakmé Salon unveils 'Art of Latte' – a haircut and colour collection with five stellar looks that are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Here are thefive unique looks part of the collection:

Arabian Date Coffee

Presenting a colour that's truly as warm as your coffee!

Colours: This look blends deep copper hues interspersed with lighter brown pieces

Colour technique: This look is achieved using a perimeter coloring blending global medium-to-light toned browns into deep copper tones

Cut technique: The hair cut features a textured fringe with a perimeter layering technique.

Red Velvet Latte

Red Velvet is not just a dessert – it's a delectable drink and a perfect addition to your hair colour!

Colours: This look is a mix of deep berry tones with dark coffee browns

Colour technique: A mix of the cascade foil technique with few highlights of deep browns

Cut technique: This hair is cut using the disconnected layering technique

Blonde Roast

A golden ombre look inspired by this light-bodied coffee

Colours: Different hues of coffee browns blend from soft to bright blondes in a cascading effect

Colour technique: The classic ombre or Balayage technique blends deep coffee browns that transition into blondes

Cut technique: Perfect for long hair, this cut uses the inverted layering technique with soft face framing layers in the front

Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

An ode to the eye-catching beverage!

Colours: A blend of cool blue with shades of light brown and blonde

Colour technique: The Dimensional highlighting techniques for placements of color shade along with in-between soft painting of hair

Cut technique: Tapered soft over-directed layers with disconnected graduated top cut

Hazelnut Swirl

A blended hair look inspired by swirls of hazelnut in your favorite brew!

Colours: Lighter hazel toned browns merge with cool-matte blondes; a blended effect within the same color family

Colour technique: Color Melting technique is used to create a full-bodied 3D effect

Cut technique: Soft perimeter graduated lob

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