Mother of market fairs

Mother of market fairs

‘You Are What You Eat’, says Madhavi, managing director of ‘Big Marketeer’, a company that is into organic food exhibitions. She talks about food and her entrepreneurial journey

Women play many roles in marriage, with children and in business. Once they are married, family and children become their world. Though difficult, many are taking up a profession, and handle multiple roles simultaneously with ease.

One such example is Madhavi, a 41-year-old, managing director of 'Big Marketeer', a company that is into organising exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, market research, advertising, branding and marketing.

Madhavi gives a motherly touch to entrepreneurship. "I want to do business responsibly and earn in due course of time. I don't do anything, which I don't want anybody do to me or to my family. I am very clear on these things," she says.

She jumped into business soon after her two daughters grew up enough to take care of them, so as to engage herself more constructively. "It was tough call. But, doing business is even tougher.

I have learnt some lessons in life. Nobody encourages you. We must only become tough as tough only get going. But, at the same time, I must bear in mind that I am a mother. So,I run my business carefully," she shares.

It's her passion, she says, "My search for healthy food and environment landed me in the business that I am in. I am a very practical person. Slowly and steadily I turned my kitchen at home into an organic Kitchen.

All these food products I have practically discovered myself by visiting exhibitions and companies."

Since its beginnings in the year 2016 with her 'Big Marketeer', Madhavi has been organising exhibitions on health, wellness, ayurveda, organic food, millets etc.

While managing her venture, she pursued her LLB and completed it this year. She has also registered for LLM.

"Apart from exhibitions we have organised several knowledge sharing sessions in conjunction with these exhibitions. We have not only engaged the most vulnerable groups and also helped them in their effort to modify their lifestyles to keep fit," she shares.

And adds, "Over 350 exhibitors exhibited their products in the recently held exhibition. Nearly 80 speakers spread their knowledge for public good.

Through our exhibitions we have reached over 60,000 people. We have created lot of awareness about our age-old practices, India's ancient wisdom."

"Natural and organic food is taking our life by storm. We stepped in to help people understand this new food. Sugar-free; fat-free; gluten-free; grain-free; non-gmo; organic; natural foods are newfound craze now. But how healthy are they? Why organic foods are very pricey? How to read labels on organic foods?

Do Organic Foods taste better? How do you difference them? Through our exhibitions, we help public understand these and clear their doubts with the help of experts," informs Madhavi.

"We exhibit organic foods which have organic certification, it is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products.

In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, etc." Madhavi explains.

It is her sensitivity towards protection of environment and going back to our roots that inspire her in her work, "What bothers me when I get up every morning is that we are running out of natural resources. But our political leaders are not bothered.

I once again want to live like during the good olden dayswith limited resources, carefully using themand trying to save them while thinking about others – simply,by sharing and caring.

I don't want comforts which will harm environment around me. I am fine without the modern luxuries and comforts.

I am ok if my kids don't speak English or if they get westernized, but I am not ok if they are not taught about the greatness of own culture which has no comparison to any culture on Earth,"she says.

About challenges she says, "I am enjoying every minute of my entrepreneurial journey, though it has been very tough.

Though challenging and frustrating yet times, it is okay for me as long as my exhibitions are serving the purpose for which they are organised.

I don't want justI and my family to be healthy, and wealthy. I want all my fellow beings to be healthy, wealthy and happy."

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