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Heena Kriplani

Heena Kriplani


Having over 18 years of experience in the music industry, Heena Kriplani, now the Country head at TuneCore, believes that the music community with artists being in the centre, TuneCore offers them the tools to navigate their artistic careers features local content that caters to the Indian independent artist community including guides written by local music industry veterans Achille Forler and Mae Thomas which provide practical steps, education and advice for Indian independent artists

With more than 18 years of experience in the music industry, Heena has built a strong relationship over the period, bringing together creators and experts while driving success stories. A firm believer in the music community, with artists being in the center, Heena is committed to enabling success for every Indian musician and believes that TuneCore offers them the tools to navigate their artistic careers.

Sharing about her experience till date in the music industry, Heena says, "I think the difference between now and then is really in the choices the artists have today. Because of the way the industry has evolved, the power to make their own decisions has come around to the artists. Services like TuneCore are part of that evolution. The option to retain a 100per cent of your revenue while still having your music be available across the world was not something artists could even consider back when I started out."

She adds, "I'm a firm advocate of democracy in its most basic sense, where each person has a voice. It's the freedom to express yourself in the way of your choosing. I think every artist should evolve but stay authentic to their voice and message, language and genre."

At Believe and TuneCore, they are a firm believers and supporters of local, home-grown talent. TuneCore is for everyone, right from a first time musician, to someone who just wants to experiment with music, to the established artists. With a country like ours, the talent is immense, diverse and dispersed. Artists emerge from bustling cities, small towns and remote villages. They aim to provide this talent with the means to reach audiences and each artist's journey is different.

"With a pinch of salt and never losing sight of the bigger picture, I think it's necessary to take care of yourself, but it's equally important to widen your circle of concern and make sure you reach out and help as much as you possibly can. While we're all physically isolating, I think it's necessary to keep ourselves mentally and emotionally involved with our immediate and extended circles," concludes Heena.

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