Rocking way to fit you

Rocking way to fit you

Mumbai-based Zumba instructor and educator - Sucheta Pal works towards breaking a myth that women should not dance or Zumba during pregnancy

Zumba instructor and educator Sucheta Pal hosted an exclusive 'Zumba In The Club®' fitness workshop in Hyderabad. Sucheta is the ambassador and education specialist for Zumba® Fitness LLC and was felicitated in 2018 by the President of India as 'First Lady' for Women Wellness.

She together with her phenomenal team was in the city on its toes and moving towards health, fitness and well-being during an event organised by the wellness food brand, California Walnuts.

Former IT professional Sucheta Pal, said her shift started happening in 2007. Though good at her job and self-driven, she felt stressed because of the realisation that her calling was beyond a computer and a cubicle.

Coupled with lifestyle health disorders that had catapulted, she felt miserable."I felt very sick because of my lifestyle. I used to have junk food - burgers and pizzas were my best friends.

I felt very sick, I had 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome' (IBS) and anxiety disorder. Till today, I believe that 80 percent of our body health lies in the kitchen.

"I was never into the field of fitness; I am an engineer and worked in corporate for longest time. My passion was dance and then I decided to take a leap and start an alternate career.

It started off with my professional dance training in Mumbai, and then eventually I shifted to the US and discovered Zumba. I took a training there and then I got certified to be a Zumba trainer.

I shifted back to India and started teaching around 100 people in 2012. Now, I have around 1000 trainees with me," shares Sucheta.

Dancing offers upbeat and inventive exercise, that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle. But Zumba workouts emphasize strengthening the core, while Zumba toning and Zumba step workouts incorporate weights to build muscles in the arms, legs, and gut.

She says, "Dance is one of the best workouts one can do, there is movement where fun is involved. Zumba is workout that combines music and dance. It is the exercises hidden within those choreographies that come straight from Miami, from the brand head office. It involves a mind-body coordination. It is great for stamina building."

Zumba requires high levels of energy. Without a proper diet, a Zumba dancer can easily become weak and exhausted during their workout. About nutrition he says, "I feel that half of the issues of our body happen due to bad food choices that we make.

Slowly things are changing, people are being much more respectful in understanding what their body truly needs. We lose calories and we need that extra amount of nutrition. The reason why I have collaborated with health food events is that I should be very careful of what I choose to eat."

Zumba will not only endow you with physical benefits to reap but also aids your mind and mood to shift towards a happier version of you like never before,especially for women.

She adds, "I am pregnant now, it's also about my journey. And one should do Zumba in pregnancy also. I want to breakth myth that you must not dance or do Zumba when you are pregnant. I show the way to do it"

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