The girl who inspires fellow females

Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit


Anisha Dixit, previously known as ‘Rickshawali’ is a girl-centric comedy influencer and Youtuber popularly known for the new spin that she brings on to the day-to-day activities of Indians and most importantly women, through her sketches and comedy vlogs

With fast-growing followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Anisha is one of the top female influencers on the digital platform with 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 461k Instagram followers.

Since Anisha's main motive of the channel is to inspire girls, she had the once in a life time opportunity to meet President Barack Obama in person and speak about her aim to do more for women all around the world. Anisha has also collaborated with Priyanka Chopra, Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Rajkumar Rao, Boman Irani and many more.

Before founding her YouTube Channel, Anisha was an actress in multiple films and theatre productions in India, USA, Switzerland and Germany. Anisha studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. She is fluent in German, English and Hindi and semi-fluent in French as well.

Sharing about her journey, Anisha shares, "It's been a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs, yet an amazing journey. Everything comes with its own pain and pleasures. There have been some terrible times in the journey but also there have been great times too. I was an aspiring actress trying to make it in Bollywood like many others and used to go to auditions day in and day out. After facing more than 500 rejections from my auditions, my then boyfriend Caleb, who happens to be my husband now, suggested that I explore YouTube. So, then I started to figure out how to even make videos because in 2013 there were hardly any independent creators in India. While I was trying to understand how YouTube works, I was simultaneously giving auditions side by side. At the beginning I had no Idea where this was going or if this even had a future but later on when things started to take off and I gathered a small community I realized I could finally be in front of a camera without being dependent on auditions. And that is how my journey as a content creator started. Initially my family really didn't support me, I mean who will support you in something which is not seen as a career option, back then. However, my mother was always supportive since day one and still is my biggest supporter."

Anisha believes that social media is the perfect platform to inspire women. Infact, her main aim has always been to speak about problems women and girls go through and try to raise awareness about the same. She also tries try to inspire them in whatever ways possible.

She adds, "I have seen it work. Trust me at the end of the day when you see DMs of girls telling you how you have changed their lives or inspired them to do something, that gives you more satisfaction than anything else in this world. I want to inspire more and more girls out there and to bring more smiles on people's faces and motivate them to follow their dreams and never give up."

Sooner or later, Anisha is going to try her hands on reaction or commentary videos. She has been planning to do this since a long time which will be up on her channel anytime soon.

"I might put my hand on light-hearted Roasting as well, have never done it before but this will be fun," ends the influencer.

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