The master shooter!

The master shooter!

Delhi-based food blogger and photographer, Deeba Rajpal was in Hyderabad to teach food photography and share secrets of food styling…

Deeba Rajpal, the blogger behind one of the finest baking and food blogs in India, 'Passionate about Baking' talks about her inspiration and journey of food blogging. She also hands over some sound advice behind the superb food photography.

Deeba informs that her growing years were spent across India as her father was in the Air Force. After graduating from Delhi University arms with an honour's degree in Economics, she joined British Airways, worked there for eight years and she met her husband there. Deeba left the job when her daughter was born, and it was then she started blogging.

"I started writing recipes on the computer instead of writing it on paper, which was boring after a point of time. Then the blog started. It has been almost 10 years since I started blogging.

For blogging it required pictures, so it was only to document what I was doing at home. While doing blogging my husband got me a digital camera, then life became so much simpler.

People started noticing my photos, as it is an open platform and started commenting about it on the blog," The 51-year-old shares.

Deeba is a self-taught photographer. "Suddenly one day somebody offered me to style their lounge, in Bengaluru, they asked me if I could style for their re-branding and I said ok!

Then Vikas Khanna asked me to shoot for his book 'My First Kitchen', which was extremely intimidating for me as it took four years to publish because it got delayed for several reasons. After that, I got confidence."

"It doesn't matter what is happening I shoot every day, which makes me enjoy my work. No matter what remember to enjoy work at the end; that is all that matters.

You have to just get to try and practice on your own and develop your own style and that's what I find, that life doesn't have any short cuts; nobody becomes a sensation overnight," Deeba shares.

About the challenges, Deeba says, "There were very few challenges, the only thing is that people undervalue what you do, and they think, that one needs to do things in whatever they have.

One must not lose sight of your own value in all this. It is very tempting to say I say no to this; you have to actually believe in yourself first."

She believes that women are the better photographers and says, "Women know the best way to style. That is the strength we have. We beautify our home, men do it as well, but it is a woman who brings it all together."

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