Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

So far, the education system in India was more focussed on giving diplomas and degrees. Now, the New Education Policy has come up with a skill-based model of education. This has brought vocational courses under spotlight, which seek to make the youth skilful, employable and self-reliant. The Hans India has elicited the views of youth, educationists and the society on the importance of skill development in education

Govt should setup skill development centres

Government should take steps for setting up of skill development centres everywhere. Skilled worker can do wonders and achieve anything they want. Degree makes a person eligible for employment but opportunities come when he is skilled. Skill development centres must be established in every college to fill the gap between industry and college, skill development in students will make them reach great heights. In the present system of education, majority of students are forced to go for paid short-term courses after diplomas and degrees for employment. This should be eradicated by skill-based curriculum in diplomas and degree.

-M Swapna, Teacher, Khammam

Youth must focus on skill development in relevant fields

Youth need proper planning to pursue their career goal. Degrees and diplomas will not fetch anything unless they work on improving their skills in the relevant field. The development of skills can contribute to structural transformation and economic growth by enhancing employability and labour productivity. Ultimately, it will help the nation's cause. It's high time that the institutions have to focus on skill development besides imparting quality education to the students. Otherwise, our grads will not be able to stand on par with the best.

-Dr Chilumula Nageshwar Rao, Asst Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, KU, Warangal

Skill development essential for growth

It is the time to change Education system. Everyone should depend on their skills. The degrees are only for eligible for Jobs and showing their qualifications. Education sector should give more importance in developing skills among students rather than the degrees obtained by the students. The employer focuses on finding the skill than the results on paper whereas, Degree is an eligibility criteria. So, I really believe that skills should be taught effectively in order to gain practical knowledge, good job and growth of career for the students.

-Ch Sri Laxmi Aparna, Employee Khammam

Skill-based education must be encouraged

In general, skilled persons will be placed in top positions, whereas semi-skilled and unskilled will get middle and lower positions in any organisation. In view of this, universities must design academic syllabus in such a way that their students must be placed in top positions. This is possible only by imparting skill-based education by strengthening research wings.

-Neerudu Venkanna, Self Employed, Nalgonda

Students must focus on skills

In general students with great expectations and suitable posts study for degrees and diplomas but their dreams are diminishing as there is a gap of skill set between academic studies and industrial needs. Students are forced to undergo short-term paid courses to get the placements in reputed MNCs and private industries. This type of education has to be replaced by setting up skill training centres and campus interviews to realise the dreams of students.

-Gundu Venkateshwarlu, Social Worker, Nalgonda

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