Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

So far, the education system in India was more focussed on giving diplomas and degrees. Now, the New Education Policy has come up with a skill-based model of education. This has brought vocational courses under spotlight, which seek to make the youth skilful, employable and self-reliant. The Hans India has elicited the views of youth, educationists and the society on the importance of skill development in education

Institutions must incorporate skill-based curriculum

Our education system has to be changed completely. Major reason for this is we are following the same old pattern of exam of more than 100 years introduced by the Britishers. The education curriculums have also not changed much ever since independence of India. Education means not just gaining mere knowledge but it must develop a person in all aspects. Because of our faulty examination and in efficient evaluation system today many talented students are being left out of the job pool. Giving priority to marks should be avoided and holistic evaluation must be adopted. Apart from knowledge our education system must also incorporate skill-based curriculum to match contemporary needs of society.

- B Jyothi, Degree Student, Wanaparthy

Skills can do wonders

A person with a skill set will have capacity to understand, thinks logically and learns fast. Skills-based education will definitely ensure better and productive human resources. A skill diploma holder / graduate will have a bright future in his career and is expected to reach pinnacle in his chosen field. a faculty should be well versed with presentation skills to make students worthy and productive

- Manohar, Businessman, Nalgonda

Give priority to skill-based education

In my view Indian education is the best one compared to many countries. However this is true only up to primary and upper primary education. When it comes to higher education we are completely flawed. Many parents are of the illusion that only engineering and medicine education are skill-based and professional orientated. This thinking has gained prominence because of our faulty education system. If the education system inculcates skill-based education every student irrespective of their chosen branches will have equal chance for jobs and industry will also readily absorb them by providing employment. Moreover, if skills are promoted from childhood onwards at the school level every student will gain confidence and can easily become self employed in their field of excellence with little financial support.

- Archana, B Sc Agricultural, Student, Gadwal district

Old education system fetches nothing

The government has failed to provide jobs to the youth and has not changed the system of the education. The government is following the old education system since many years. The technology has developed across the world but the State government following the old methods. It is the time for change education system. The government should setup skill centre in every mandal head quarters. The teacher should make awareness to the people on skill development programme for the students. The degrees and skill development are both important. Every man achieves success when he has good skills. The government should focus on the skill-based education automatically the state would be developed in all aspects.

- Namburi Rama Lingeswara Rao, Businessman, Sathupalli, Khammam

A paradigm shift is needed

Our Educational system should be changed. The Skill development in education is the need of the hour for the development of society. It helps students to achieve success. The government should incorporate the skill development centres in the institutions. Improving the skills in every student from the school time will help in reducing the unemployment rate. The youth who developed skills can establish their own companies and work without support of government.

But the government gives important on degree pattas.Skill based education should begin from the high school. And later they should be having a wide range of choices. Ex Electrical installations, carpentry, plumbing, computer based skills including cyber security, Banking, legal formalities for citizens, cardio pulmonary resuscitation driving etc. The courses like medicine and engineering should be more skill-based right from day 1.So a paradigm shift is needed.

- P Suresh Kumar, Khammam

Better education system makes better future

Present education system must be revamped to give a new lease of life to students of the new generation. Courses should be designed in such a way that students have to get suitable posts or to make them employers instead of in search of jobs . Many foreign countries providing practical and research oriented courses to students to make them experts in chosen field, this type of education must be introduced in the country for better outputs.

- Samala Akhila, Pharm.D, Nalgonda

Students suffering due to lack of skills

Over the years, we have focused on providing educational facilities to the students. We may have succeeded in doing so but the truth is that majority of educational institutions, especially private, failed to teach much needed skills in accordance with industry requirements.We are able to produce graduates in thousands every year but it's high time that we focus on skill development programmes that help our youth to get lucrative jobs. Our students have always suffered setbacks due to lack of communication skills.

- Prof. Valluri Ramachandram,

Head, Dept of Psychology,

KU, Warangal

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