Navaratnalu: A beacon for AP's development

Navaratnalu: A beacon for AP

As per astrology, there are nine planets and all of them play a significant role in the life of a human being

As per astrology, there are nine planets and all of them play a significant role in the life of a human being. Therefore, in order to achieve positive results which are being offered by these extremely efficient planets, a person can adopt different gemstones as per their association with their corresponding planets.

It is believed that according to gemology – the Ratna Sastra - wearing different gems brings positive changes in the life of an individual in the form of enhanced prosperity leading to success and recognition, improves financial status, comforts and peace of mind. These gems also signify health, wisdom and help concentrate on good things that bring prosperity and success.

Public participation in the development process is important for the successful implementation of various government schemes. Navaratnalu is a word that can be easily understood even by a common man. Perhaps, it is in this context Andhra Pradesh's new Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has thought of introducing Navaratnalu by linking them to various aspects of the State's development.

Right now, Andhra Pradesh needs a new vision so as to face hurdles and to overcome obstacles on the way to professional creativity and avoidance of all kinds of delays in fulfillment of ambitions protects from by ensuring speedy success in all endeavors.

The new Chief Minister appears to be determined to remove all negative effects on the State administration by preventing the possible impediments on the way to clean administration by restoring health, wealth, longevity and happiness and prosperity of the State as it is clear from his laments/utterances during his Padayatra.

The new Chief Minster conceived the idea of Navaratnalu as reflections of common man problems during his interactions with the different sections in the State during Padayatra.

When we look into category-wise analysis:

Ruby (Manik): It raises the individual far above the status into which he was born, leading them to success and recognition and raise the present status. Issues like power to people, poverty eradication, development of backward areas, slums, development of BCs, SCs, STs and Minorities (YSR Cheyutha),

Diamond: It is believed to improve financial status and provide the wearer with a life of comforts and peace of mind.

It creates goodness while removing all evil and fearful thoughts from the mind. Support to farmers (YSR Rythu Bharosa & Jalayagnam), Education for All (fee reimbursement) and Housing for All (Pedhalandariki illu) can be grouped under this category.

Pearl (Mutyalu): Signifies calmness, peace, health, and wisdom, calm emotions, soothe the mind and help concentrate on good things and is believed to bring economic prosperity and social security (Pensionla Pempu), Health for All (ban on alcohol), cultural unity and Yoga can be addressed.

Red Coral (Pagadam): Facilitates ability to face and overcome obstacles, enhances professional creativity, gaining of land and property, and ensures a long-married life.Under this skill development, land to the landless and help to BPL families for wedding performance can be dealt in.

Hessonite (Gomadham): Helps in avoidance of all kinds of delays in fulfilment of ambitions, protects from sudden misfortunes, and ensures speedy success in all endeavours and implementation of Insurance scheme, disaster management, speedy implementation of government schemes through good governance and environment protections areas can be covered.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam): Removes all negative effects of Saturn, prevents misfortune, restores health, wealth, longevity and happiness and property. Governance aspects like food security, clean drinking water and income generation programmes for women and children (Amma Vodi & YSR Asara).

Cat's Eye (Vidhuryam): Counters the evil effects, protects from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases and guards from sudden accidents or mishaps.

Vigilance intelligence, combating outbreak of sudden diseases like dengue, swine flu, etc (Arogya Sree) can come under this.

Yellow Sapphire (Pasupu Neelam): Stimulates intellect and increase focus towards the achievement of success in career.

It also encourages the exploration of moving in new directions. Youth development, IT and e- Governance and new governance initiatives can come under this.

Emerald (paccha): Improve faculties related to the brain such as memory, communication, intuition, the intellect, and the ability to learn.

Improves memory, controls stammering, safeguards against negative energies. Development areas like welfare programmes related to physically challenged persons, special education, encouragement of Yoga, etc can come under this.

Prof H Lajipathi Rai (The writer is former Vice Chancellor, B R Ambedkar University, Srikakulam and currently working as senior Professor at SK University, Anantapur. Views expressed are personal)

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