Selective amnesia of Indian politicians

Selective amnesia of Indian politicians

The Lok Sabha elections in 2014 started with NaMo wave and the entire country reverberated with 'Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar'. Narendra Modi, who at that...

The Lok Sabha elections in 2014 started with NaMo wave and the entire country reverberated with 'Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar'. Narendra Modi, who at that time claimed that he was a chaiwallah, started his journey holding the hand of his allies saying 'Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge'.

Five years down the lane, the country is going in for another round of elections. With the first phase of elections just 12 days away, the campaign has turned into a high octane one. Chaiwallah who has now changed his status as Chowkidar is going around States saying, "Dost dost na raha, hum se pyar karne wala koi nahi raha, jis par bhi aitbaar kiya voh bewafaa nazar aaya."

Most of the allies have distanced from the NDA and those who were alleged to be the B team of Modi are also now pushed into a dilemma. Those Chief Ministers, whom Modi had praised as 'matured ones' on the floor of the Parliament, also seem to be having second thoughts and are wondering on which side they should be.

The Modi's Jodi (partners) of 2014 have now turned into bewafa's (cheaters), incompetent, immature and highly corrupt who have looted the State's resources and are promoting family rule.

All those who are opposing him are scared of his charisma, claims Modi. "For five years, I've worked honestly and religiously to ease life of common people. Your vote is not for MP it is for Naya Bharat," is what the BJP mascot Narendra Modi said at Mahbubnagar.

But then the big question is, what kind of Naya Bharat is he talking about? In 2014, he spoke about Ache Din.

Have they arrived? He should have explained what exactly is the Naya Bharat which he is talking about and what can one expect if they decide to vote for him. It is the time the politicians realise that the days of attracting people with slogans is over. Time is up leaders, talk about performance and future vision.

The politicians have selective amnesia, but not the public. If you go down the memory lane by just five years, one would realise that one thing is certain. Whether politics may be a dynamic situation or not, the change in politicians' looks and outlook is certainly highly dynamic.

Those who are out of power are desperate to come to power and those in power are desperate to retain power. For this, they don't even bat an eyelid to change the colours.

Till recently, the BJP considered the TRS to be a friendly party. The love the saffron party had towards the pink party was so much that they did not put any kind of serious efforts to occupy the political space which was created by decimation of the TDP and the Congress. The BJP failed to emerge as an alternative.

The TRS too went out of the way to support the NDA government led by Modi. They have been praising the Centre and the Prime Minister to the core. They were among the first to appreciate and support some of the most controversial decisions like demonetisation.

The Centre too responded with equal consideration by facilitating preponement of Assembly elections and created an impression that in case the BJP does not get 300 plus seats in Lok Sabha elections, the TRS would support them and may even join the NDA.

When the TRS talked of return gift to the TDP and made some quick moves to meet the YSRCP chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, claiming that they were soliciting his support for Federal Front and the way they have been showing keen interest in the politics of the neighbouring State, the TDP hit road alleging that Modi was conspiring against the State with the help of the TRS and the YSRCP.

The recent statement of YSRCP leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy that there was nothing wrong if they extend support to the TRS and take their support to achieve what was due from the Centre has given more mileage to their rivals who are now shouting from rooftops that the nexus has been established.

This was the situation just a couple of days ago. But see today, the BJP claims that they are not friendly party of the TRS as is being perceived by the people. They say they are into the battlefield to occupy the political vacuum in the State.

They feel that the Modi charisma which though did not work in Assembly polls, will help them win at least six seats. One should dream and strive to make them reality but then there should be some reality in what they speak and do.

If the BJP feels that it would win about six out of 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana where it has some base, how does Modi dream of forming government in Andhra Pradesh?

Surgical strike has unfortunately become a political issue.

"We go across the border and annihilate the hotbeds of terrorists. This new identity of India gives energy to New India." Is that something new which did not happen in the past? Is that not the responsibility of the government of the day to protect our borders?

Let's see what Modi said a few hours later in AP. He says AP had put its sticker on his scheme of cash transfer for farmers. But PM sir, this scheme was launched by Andhra Pradesh government much ahead of the Centre's announcement.

In fact, greater credit for this scheme should go to the TRS government which was the first to announce and implement Rytu Bandhu scheme which was later picked up by AP.

Didn't the PM put his sticker on Rytu Bandhu? Didn't the chowkidar ignore the tenant farmers? There is nothing wrong in criticising the performance of the government of the day and its schemes.

There is nothing wrong in claiming that it will be twin engine rule, the BJP at Centre and TRS in State, but what was disgusting was the way he spoke of 'son rise' and 'son set'. The Prime Minister should have shown some restraint.

The PM is regarded in high esteem. He is supposed to be not just chowkidar. He is something more. He is the team leader for the country. Chowkidari is only part of his responsibility.

A Prime Minister should be an example of what a leader should be. He should exhibit tremendous amount of statesmanship-like qualities and leave the job of taking jibes at opponents to the lower-rung leaders.

The pun intended statement that every vote on April 11 will see the sunrise of new India and son set for AP was certainly not in good taste. It shows the sort of contempt towards human relations and values. Yes, he would have been appreciated if had said it would be sunset for corruption.

Prime Minister repeatedly criticised the entry of the children of politicians as successors. 'Son Rise.' What's wrong in it? Does the constitution say anywhere that there should be no son rise? Is it wrong if the children become the successors in the profession taken up by their parents?

The Prime Minister went on reeling out the names of institutions that were given to the State. But PM Sir, they are part of the Act and you were dutybound to do that. What extra hand holding did you give to the residuary State?

The Chowkidar apparently referring to Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who are on bail in the National Herald case said it was a party that moves on Bel Gaadi (bullock cart) and see heroes in Pakistan.

Claiming oneself to be a great patriot is understandable but calling all others as traitors is not proper for a man of the stature of Prime Minister. Will this be the kind of Naya Bharat?

But what about the Union Minister stating that the YSRCP is an ally of the BJP. Is it not a fact that this leader too is out on bail? That is why I said leaders have selective amnesia not public.

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