Inspiring Engineering and Management students

Inspiring Engineering and Management students

Inspiring Engineering and Management students


In such a competitive job market, an engineering and management international internship abroad will definitely provide you an edge over other...

In such a competitive job market, an engineering and management international internship abroad will definitely provide you an edge over other candidates.

You will gain skills including communication, management, cultural awareness, and, of course, technical, practical and industrial skills that university degrees can't always provide. Moreover, you can experience all of this while having fun discovering and immersing yourself in a new country and its culture.

More engineering companies are becoming global & locally and around the world. They promote cultural variety in their own backyard and have operations in several different countries. From day one, in any engineering company or management company, you will be exposed to and expected to demonstrate awareness of a global way of thinking and doing things.

Details of International Internship and Possible Opportunities for Engineering & Management Students.


An International internship is one of the best ways to explore career paths in the tech industry. If you're majoring in any engineering field. As an intern, you'll usually be paired with a more experienced engineer who will act as your mentor, giving you guidance on the technical aspects of your project as well as helping you to manage and execute it.

While you don't have to go into engineering just because you're a computer science major, an internship will offer you the opportunity to see what the field is like and whether it's a good fit for you.

And because computer science majors are very in demand among employers, the internship is also likely to be very well compensated.

Mechanical Engineering

Interns for mechanical engineering deals with everything that moves and/or requires forces to make it move. Tasks in this field include assessing the loads in a machine, determining deflections, stresses and vibrations, and making sure devices meet intended design.

As a mechanical engineering intern, some of the industries that you might get involved with are the automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, energy generation, and automation.

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering is also a very popular sector at the moment, as there are big governmental initiatives both in developed and developing countries to grow multinational manufacturing capabilities. Manufacturing engineers are responsible for planning, designing, setting up, and improving any manufacturing processes.

Interns may find themselves closely working with colleagues in other fields as well, such as health and safety. Some of the roles you might get involved with are developing state-of-the-art and cost-effective processes, acquiring new capabilities and machinery, introducing new products to production and so on. Manufacturing engineers work in a wide range of sectors like food and drink, oil, and pharmaceuticals.

Electric and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineers research, develop, design, test and manufacture electrical systems and components. Components include rotating machines, power and energy storage systems, and electronic circuits and systems.

These operate for industries such as acoustics, defense, medical instruments, mobile phones, nanotechnology, radio and satellite communication, and robotics

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering and it deals with everything that needs to be built. Take a look outside your window! All the roads, houses, buildings, bridges, pavements, sewers, and many other things took shape because of a team of civil engineers.

As a civil engineer intern, you can get very close to the planning, design, and management of a variety of construction projects. Some of the most important areas in this field are structural engineering, transportation engineering and environmental engineering.


No matter the job role you hope to land post-graduation, the international internship offers MBA students an opportunity to learn valuable lessons and gain work experience.

An international internship would be an asset to your professional background and help you develop abilities that will give you a global outlook and reach.

(The authore is a founder of Edu Brain Group)

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