You only live once, so live well

One of the leading nutritionists in India, and author of one of popular books on food and health, 'The Great Indian Diet', Luke Coutinho and the popular actress Anushka Shetty, who wanted to become a yoga teacher, but became a film star instead, together authored a book on weight loss. 'The Magic Weight-Loss Pill – 62 Lifestyle Changes' is a book that will prove how easy it is to lose weight and maintain it, while remaining in good health and allowing your body to function at the optimal level, says Shilpa Shetty, formwe actress and a yoga guru, in ger foreword.

Anushka, who has gone through the pressure of being in a certain way because she belongs to show business talks about the need of majority to seek external approval and give into the popular perception of an ideal body type. "You are born in a particular way, and no body has the right to decide that you are less beautiful than anyone else, you are…just break the shackles of your insecurities and go out and see what best you can do to your body. You will realise that more than anything else, one needs to be healthy. When you start to focus on health, your confidence level will automatically go up. Thats what will make you truly attractive."

"The film industry wants everything quickly, and weight loss and weight gain is no exception. For a newcomer, it's easy to get carried away in this rat race…," she relates how the erratic timings and working had taken a toll on her health, and it was yoga that saved her. "I am grateful for all that I went through, otherwise I wouldn't have realised how important my body is to me and be able to talk about it today. Now, I know what it means to aim for a balance between the mind, body and soul for good health," she adds.

Luke and Anushka wanted to send a message to all the readers of their book – that – All have an inbuilt reset button when it comes to health and that everyone has a chance every single day to change their lifestyle. "Simple, inexpensive lifestyle changes canbring about powerful changes in one's health," he says.

"There is no magic pill, diet, exercise programme or mantra that can help you lose weight or prevent or heal a disease. The magic pill is a lifestyle – the fitness gurus and authors of the book, 'The Magic Wight-Loss Pill' state.

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