Authorities turn a blind eye as torrential rains cause isolation, hardships for villagers

Authorities turn a blind eye as torrential rains cause isolation, hardships for villagers

Village becomes island due to lack of bridge

Chikkamagaluru: Over the past few days, continuous heavy rains have caused significant disruption in the hilly regions of Chikkamagaluru district. The deluge has led to a series of accidents and a myriad of problems for the residents, with some communities now cut off from the outside world.

In Taruve village of Mudigere taluk, the relentless rain has submerged the only accessible road, isolating the residents. Suresh Nayka and his family face a particularly dire situation as they struggle to cross the overflowing Somavati stream. The family has resorted to building a makeshift footbridge, risking their lives to cross the dangerous waters. Children and the elderly navigate this precarious crossing daily, highlighting the urgent need for a permanent solution. For the past four years, the Nayka family has been pleading with authorities to construct a small bridge to ease their plight.

However, their requests have fallen on deaf ears, and the local authorities’ inaction has left them vulnerable and frustrated. The Somavati stream, known for its violent overflow during heavy rains, has brought agricultural activities to a standstill, further exacerbating the family’s troubles. The Naykas have now approached the district administration, seeking immediate intervention.

The challenges faced by the Nayka family are mirrored by other residents around Taruve village, near Kottigehara in Mudigere taluk. Hundreds of acres of agricultural land lie adjacent to the problematic ditch, but without proper roads or safe pathways, the land remains largely inaccessible. Villagers attempting to cross the waterway risk their lives, with no guarantee of safety.

The continuous rains have brought daily life to a halt for many residents, leaving them unable to perform their routine tasks. The community is now in a desperate state, urging authorities to take immediate action to alleviate their suffering. The residents are calling on the concerned authorities to address their plight and provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure their safety and connectivity.

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