Mysuru girl wins large following on Instagram with dance videos

Deepthi R

Deepthi R


We are being flooded with depressing news about Covid-19 cases and deaths 24x7

Bengaluru: We are being flooded with depressing news about Covid-19 cases and deaths 24x7. There has been hardly any pleasant things to spice up our lives for over a year since the outbreak of the pandemic. But, spreading some joy amidst the overwhelming gloom is 23-year-old classical dancer Deepthi R from Mysuru whose dancing skills on Instagram have captured the imagination of Kannadigas. Her dancing videos have indeed brightened up many lives during the pandemic and helped them pull through hard times. Deepthi who has been dancing to the tunes of old Kannada cinema songs on her handle has become more popular.

Sharing her views on success of her videos, Deepthi says, "It all started during the first Covid lockdown, last year. I started making videos on beauty care which went viral on social media."

She gained a considerable following for her tips on beauty care and her glam and trendy makeup. Banking on this popularity, she later started posting her dancing videos on social media.

"Celebrities to common people, everyone wants to try their luck on reels to become successful. So, people are more comfortable doing video content now. I have been dancing since my college days and I have known other dancers whom I roped in. My group and I decided to rely on old Kannada songs which easily connect with people. Then the preparation started, we discussed it for some time, finally the video was out. Our video on Dasara Gombe song (from Putnanja) has crossed million plus views in just a few days and later other videos too became hit with people," says Deepthi, adding, "People have also shown interest in collaborating with us. This is the result of hard work of my dancing team behind the screens."

Insta allows young performers to share short videos. The most popular of these are lip-sync videos, although members are now uploading more short videos of original content. Deepthi's success graph rose quickly. From nobody to Instagram star, this 23-year-old has taken just two months to achieve this.

The power of the content has helped transform Deepthi from an anonymous college student with a few hundred followers to one of the most popular figures with 36 thousand plus flowers in the last two months.

"At present many young Instagram influencers are in the race, but we do not know where we are heading. So, what matters is not success but self-satisfaction. I am the kind of person who never cares what the world thinks of me. I do the videos for myself and that is one thing I am clear about. So, my teammates and family support me in all possible ways."

Deepthi pursued fashion designing at JSS Polytechnic for Women, Mysuru and dreamed of working in fashion industry. But she soon started taking more interest in content creation on social media. Her efforts do not seem to have gone unrecognized as she is now getting offers from Kannada small screen.

"Stories based on real life would be both inspiring and entertaining. I would love to do challenging roles if I get any opportunity," Deepthi signed off.

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