Tourism is most neglected in the state: CM

Tourism is most neglected in the state: CM

There is no good five star hotel on the coast. A hotel of that quality is necessary for foreign tourists to stay, Siddaramaiah says

Bengaluru: The state with more opportunities for tourism is Karnataka. It has a coastline of 320 km. So far we have not been able to utilize it adequately. The CM Siddarmaiah instructed that the district commissioners should take action on the development of tourist spots in Udupi, Mangalore and Uttara Kannada districts in collaboration with the locals.

This can create employment. He said that it has been decided to create a new tourism policy and extensive consultation should be held on this. Tourism is a major source of income for many states. We have not been able to develop tourism as much as neighboring Kerala. Blueprint should be prepared for comprehensive development of tourism. Tourism infrastructure is very poor. Ekashila Hill in Madhugiri was announced in the previous government’s budget for development, but so far no development has taken place.

He said that capital investors will come forward only if an environment conducive to tourism is created. District Collectors should identify the development possibilities of tourist spots. Steps should be taken not only by private partnership but also by the government. All aspects will be included in the new tourism policy. In addition to this, grants will be provided. He said that due to the CRZ Act, there are some problems for development in the coast, which should be resolved.

Few tourism spots in the state are getting focus. There are 25,000 monuments. Out of these, about 23,000 monuments are neglected. Development of tourism destinations is possible if the Karnataka Tourism Business Facilitation Act 2015 is properly implemented. A master plan for tourism sites survey, conservation etc. should be prepared district wise. This task should be completed within three months. He suggested that steps should be taken to revive the tourist spots in a phased manner. Collaboration of local people and NGOs should be sought. Release books on district tourism. Monument endowment programs have been implemented and those interested can adopt monuments and do preservation work, he said

Priority for coastal tourism

There are many important places along the coast including medical colleges, ports, temples. But there is not a single five star hotel. As evening falls, the whole of Mangalore closes down. A separate plan has to be prepared for coastal and hilly areas. There is a need to explore the possibilities of coastal tourism. It is possible to collect taxes and create employment opportunities for locals. He said that the situation of coastal people going to Mumbai and Gulf countries in search of jobs should change

Proposal by Minister HK Patil

Kappattagudda nature reserve can be further developed as a tourism sector. Pay attention to this. Minister HK Patil put forward a proposal that if all the District Commissioners pay attention to this, then every district in the state can be made a tourism district. Echoing this, DCM DK Shivakumar said that the state has a very extensive coastal area. He said that there are plenty of opportunities for us to grow and develop tourism in the coastal area.

CM miffed over road accidents

In the last one year, 34,916 accidents have occurred in the state and 9943 people have died. Road safety committees in the district should formulate and implement plans to prevent accidents in the district.

Accidents can be controlled if revenue, police, transport, city corporation work in coordination. Road Safety Weeks should not be held in vain. Many accidents can be prevented by taking precautionary measures. We cannot tolerate loss of life due to our negligence. He said that hotspots should be identified and ambulance system and trauma center network should be made on the highways.

CM remembers his teacher Rajappa

As announced in the budget, an ambitious plan to build model schools under CSR in 2,000 panchayats has been initiated. A committee of senior ministers and officials has been formed for this. According to the Act, private companies in the state had to spend Rs 8163 crore compulsorily under CSR last year. Rs 4 lakh crore profits have been made during this period by private companies. Rs 1190 crore was spent under CSR last year, but only 30 per cent was being used under CSR, he said.

It was started as a pilot project in Ramnagar district and construction work of 20 schools has already started like one school for three panchayats. Toyota company has alone provided Rs 20 crore CSR funds in the district. We have to provide 3 acres of land. We provide school model only. They do the construction themselves.

500 places have already been identified in the state. Plans have been made to build 2000 schools in the next three years. We have instructed leading private schools to adopt government schools.

No child should be left out of school. A survey of children between 6 to 16 years of age should be conducted every year and steps should be taken to re-enroll the out-of-school children.

CM informs about Kuvempu to IAS officer Manoj Jain

There was an incident where Chief Minister Siddaramaiah mentioned in the meeting of DC-CEOs that Kuvempu said that if there is no appropriate word in Kannada for any English word, it should be used in English.

Secretary Manoj Jain used the word “IndiKarana” during the Minority Department debate. At this time, the Chief Minister mentioned Kuvempu’s words that most people do not understand Indianisation. So, using the word mutation, he gave a short lesson saying, “Kuvempu said that if there is no suitable word in Kannada for any English word, then it should be used in English.”

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