Are your Cosmetics Expired? Shocking Side Effects you Need to Know

Are your Cosmetics Expired? Shocking Side Effects you Need to Know

Are your Cosmetics Expired? Shocking Side Effects you Need to Know


Using expired makeup can be bad for your skin, causing irritation, breakouts, and worsening existing conditions. To avoid these problems, toss expired makeup, check expiration dates, clean your applicators, and prioritise safe and healthy products.

We all love our makeup, but what happens when our favourite products reach their expiration date? While keeping that perfect shade of lipstick might seem tempting, using expired makeup can actually have some not-so-pretty consequences for your body.

Here's the lowdown on what happens when you use old makeup for too long:

1. Skin Gone Grumpy: Over time, the chemicals in makeup break down, making them more likely to irritate your skin. This can lead to redness, dryness, and even itchiness. Yikes!

2. Breakouts Galore: Expired makeup, especially liquid products like mascara and eyeliners, becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. When you apply this to your face, you're basically inviting these bacteria to party on your skin, which can lead to nasty breakouts and infections.

3. Making Old Man Winter Jealous: Using expired makeup can also disrupt your skin's natural balance, making it more prone to dryness and even premature ageing. Nobody wants that!

4. Sensitive Skin? Beware!: If you already have sensitive skin, using expired makeup is a recipe for disaster. It can worsen existing conditions like eczema and rosacea.

So, what can you do?

Toss it! Don't be afraid to say goodbye to expired makeup. Your skin will thank you.

Check the label: Most makeup products have an expiration date printed on them. Pay attention to it!

Keep it clean: Regularly clean your makeup brushes and applicators to prevent bacteria growth.

When in doubt, throw it out! It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your skin.

Remember, taking care of your skin is important, and that includes using safe and healthy products. So ditch the expired stuff and keep your glow shining bright!

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