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Discovering our own passions in life, experiencing moments that help us find happiness, success & joy are paramount for our overall well being

Discovering our own passions in life, experiencing moments that help us find happiness, success & joy are paramount for our overall well being. Along the pathway, adopting some ground breaking strategies can see through complexities by finding a distinct place in overcoming fears, to seize the moment. Knowing our unique role plays, aspiring for an impressive career and landing a dream job, with a give back attitude to community will go a long way. Finding our unique passion is a call by itself to live a promising life. Why it's essential to nurture well-being and passions throughout our journey. What's your unique story? How do you discover your passion?

Personal Development calls for an overall growth focus on all fronts which help one in developing a good personality. Whether toning skill sets personality, able leadership, working on the components of self confidence or motivational factors, being empathetic and humane enhance one's outlook. Facing fears is the biggest challenge. One has to combat them internally to be successful externally. Fears are an internal stimuli, the ideal way is to address them and work towards factors hindering one's growth.

Let's identify passion areas towards latent learning experiences and upscaling them. Young professionals in a regular job may have to fine tune themselves by untapping their true potential. So, how does one identify one's passion in life? Explore what you enjoy doing and pursue them professionally. If you are a voracious reader, pursue book reading. Learning to exchange ideas is certainly a way ahead on an exponential growth curve. With good effort comes practice which polishes one on a higher growth trajectory. Investing qualitatively for the overall development of the personality will do wonders.

Goals enhance our overall development. It's essential to set goals and realize them whether short or long term ones. For an aspiring student, cracking a competitive exam is the immediate goal. For a job seeker, landing a dream job would be the attainable goal. Our various aspirations in reality shape up our goals giving us a sense of direction. Goals can be attainable using different methodologies. Smart goal setting outlines the importance of being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & time-bound. Goals have to be realistic and time bound. One has to constantly be in action.

Passion is an inner drive. It's essential to focus on our passion areas to pursue them. It's an introspection to move with that focus or area that stimulates us internally and not based on any advice. If one is not sure of the next steps or unclear of a future direction, it's good to reflect than take any impulsive decisions where one may not be happy. Having a good perspective of our own thoughts before it is actioned may lay the foundation towards a content and secure future. It's always good to be open minded rather than a close minded approach.

With a positive bent of mind, one can strengthen this thought by surrounding with people who are shining examples. Experiences most often whether positive or negative garner our thinking better and gives us an edge in our actions. What ingredients matter to us in reality? It's like connecting the dots though there could be an element of disconnect.

To exemplify, if Telugu matters, we like the south coffee, the dress code – Sarees be it Narayanpet or Pochampally, the richness of classical music and the maestros, the culture which is an epitome of our heritage, and many a rich monuments including Charminar and Golconda have an unending saga. When we connect the above overalls, we are creating a unique story having all of the above elements. Similarly, when you find your passion, be assured, you are moving in the right direction with all the key ingredients. Work in any form towards realization of dreams and goals is like an art. Doing what we love or cherish is itself an art, doing what we love when no one else can tell us how to go about it. With personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people, we move ahead. When we bring true meaning and purpose to our life, we make a positive difference to us and others as well.

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