What is Keto Diet? What foods you can have and what to avoid?

What is Keto Diet

What is Keto Diet? What foods you can have and what to avoid? (representation image)


  • In keto diet, individuals can have high amount of fats
  • And they should have less quantity of carbohydrates

The Keto diet is definitely not for the faint hearted and not for those who consider it to be yet another in-fashion or trendy diet, which could help lose weight. The above diet has both regimens and protocols, which needs to be followed.

What individuals can eat?

The individuals can eat fats in high amount, similarly they can have protein in adequate amount, but they need to have very less quantity of carbohydrates. This diet can cause massive reductions in insulin and blood-sugar levels and it offers other varied health benefits too.

What is the most immediate and dramatic benefits of keto diet?

One of the most immediate and dramatic benefit of keto diet, is it helps reduce excess body fat.

What happens when carbohydrates supply is cut off from the body?

When the carbohydrates supply gets cut off, the body starts quickly utilizing the available carbohydrate reserves. Once these small stores also get depleted, then the body has left with no option but to check for alternate source to derive energy.

What happens when enough glucose is not produced by the body?

When your body does not produce glucose endogenously, then the body begins the process of ketogenesis, to produce ketone bodies. These bodies are glucose replacements and they offer the body with the required energy.

Should clinical monitoring and expert planning & control for keto diet?

Yes, the above diet should be clinically monitored and also it requires both expert planning as well as control, especially when the above diet is followed for therapeutic purposes.

What you should do for Keto diet?

One should eat twice or thrice a day, you must eat three to four tablespoon of fat at each meal. Include vegetable in your diet and stop eating when you are full

What you must not do for keto diet?

Do not undertake blood test and ketone level test more than twice a day. Drink water, as if it is going out of fashion. Do not forget your salt and supplements.

What is a sample menu for keto diet plan?

For vegetarian

Fried paneer pakora

Baked tofu with cheese and cream

Almond flour and chia seeds pancake

For Non vegetarians

Shredded cabbage sautéed in sesame oil

Salad greens sprinkled dressed, having a full tablespoon

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