Antibodies, natural vaccines for recovered Covid patients

Antibodies, natural vaccines for recovered Covid patients

Antibodies, natural vaccines for recovered Covid patients


Most recovered patients of Covid are worried about being sent back from the centres without being vaccinated

Hyderabad: Most recovered patients of Covid are worried about being sent back from the centres without being vaccinated. Before the jab the staff at centres are inquiring whether they were infected and suggesting they come after three or six months. Also, government hospitals are suggesting to these patients to go for vaccination three months after discharge.

According to health experts, antibodies will develop in a virus recovered person naturally. This is a natural process and is equally applicable for all with no comorbidities. The process continues between three and six months. Newly developed antibodies will protect a person from getting infected by any other disease.

Experts say that duration of the antibodies is different for all based on their immunity power. They will be active for at least six months on an average and could last for a year or more for those with strong immunity power.

According to Deputy Director of Public Health Dr Karthik,"antibodies naturally fight with decades of infections. They will get very active and strong after a person recovers from any disease. The vaccine boosts the antibodies not activated for six months.

He says the reason for not vaccinating a recovered Covid patient is that the vaccine will not work on newly developed antibodies, as they will be stronger than the vaccine. The antibodies will be active for a long time if vaccinated four to six months after recovery. "It is a natural process which will repeat every six months to one year or more. Similarly, this will apply to Covid patients".

Sharing his personal experience, Dr Karthik says that "my parents got infected with Covid in January this year. They had their first jab after three months, as they are elders. Younger people can wait for six months after recovery. The Union government also suggests that a recovered patient wait for vaccination for six months, three months for those who are elderly and suffering from other ailments".

He adds: "the antibodies not only protect a person who recovered from Covid, but also can be donated, resulting in early recovery. Plasma therapy is a good example".

Another expert, Dr Khizer Hussain Junaidi, says "the plasma therapy was in demand in the first wave of the pandemic 2020. The antibodies are natural vaccines and helped in recovery of thousands of patients when vaccine was not available in the market.

Meanwhile, the State Public Health department has requested people who recently recovered from Covid not to worry about vaccination as they have developed fresh antibodies. "Every person in the State will be vaccinated without fail to make Telangana Covid-free", an official sought to assure people.

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