How antioxidants can help you survive

How antioxidants can help you survive

How antioxidants can help you survive


Phew! Who would have thought the cure to your worries was actually right in front you

With the ongoing pandemic, work from home and the onslaught of information we are provided with daily has jolted us from our slumber. Everyone is frantically looking up ways to live healthier lives and I couldn't be happier.

Though this renewed belief in the healing and preventive properties of food is a welcome change, I am rather baffled at the need to source exotic ingredients from across the world. I say invest in Antioxidants found in your local Indian produce instead. Antioxidants are compounds that prevent naturally occurring free radical damage in our body. Free radicals are responsible for depleting immunity, cancer risk, worsening diabetes, affecting heart health and a host of other diseases. Make sure to include the following antioxidant foods and safeguard your wellbeing.

Beta- carotene

Vitamin A derivative, beta-carotene ensures a robust immunity, clear vision and healthy skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables pack a heady punch of beta carotene. Commonly found in India in Pumpkin which is a very high source followed by leafy greens like arbi leaves, spinach, drumstick leaves, dill leaves, curry leaves, carrots, bell peppers, mango, Rajgirah, brown rice, barley and sweet potato.


You may have not heard about beta-carotene's chemical cousin which is another powerful antioxidant and is responsible for the bright red colour in tomato, watermelon and grapes. Cooked tomatoes are a richer source of this antioxidant than raw tomatoes.

Vitamin C

During the pandemic this vitamin has taken prominence for its immune boosting properties. The collagen producing, iron absorption facilitator, wound healing vitamin can be found highest in amla, followed by guava, lemon juice, mixed capsicums, wheat grass, drumstick, tomato, potato, sweet potato, orange yam, papayas and green chillies to name a few.

Vitamin E

This nutrient is responsible for fighting infections, cell protection, healthy heart and glowing skin. Vitamin E is found in nuts like almond, pistachio, peanuts, cold pressed oils, dry coconut and seeds like sunflower, flaxseeds.


A key player in the immune system, zinc is required for growth, development and metabolism. Zinc is present in nuts and seeds like cashew, almond, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole pulses, dals and sprouts.


This not so very common mineral does not get its due credit. It plays an active role in the immune system, in maintaining heart health and prevent metal decline. Found in whole grains like wheat, pulses, dals, nuts and seeds.

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