Ugadi festival : Zodiac horoscope

Ugadi festival : Zodiac horoscope

Zodiac horoscope by Daivgnya Shikamani, Jyotishratna Sampatkumar Krishnamacharya Sidhanti

Mesham (Aries)

You have very high self-esteem.Be cautious with your anger. It can destroy rationality, irritability and non-tolerance towards any delay in doing the work, defiance, not willing to be subservient to anyone, not getting elated when someone praises you are some of the hallmarks of people born under this sign. They have the tendency to lie if the need arises but it will not harm others. They have high ambitions but will not get much success. They are always in a hurry. They are straight forward and honest. They need to keep aside their ego a bit and have the commonsense to welcome others' viewpoints too for success. Well, you may have mixed results if you are a professional or a businessman. A pending legal issue is bugging you? Well, this year could put an end to the pain. It is likely to be resolved in your favour. Mixed results are predicted for those in business and employment. Good time for those in finance business and contractors. Farmers will get good yield. Students will be successful in exams. If you wish to, you may develop good contacts that could come handy soon. A bit spiritual? Jai Shri Ram. He is the one who could bless you. This year brings good news to the womenfolk of this Rashi for sure. Acquisition of Jewellery, foreign trips and what not. But, be considerate to your siblings, particularly your brothers.

Vrishabha (Taurus)

Those born under this sign have wonderful quality of being stable. It is so natural to you. Just ignore the ignominies heaped on you, for you know how to avenge them at the right time. You have high levels of self confidence. In a mood to romance, By all means, go ahead and enjoy but try to read your partner's mind a bit before taking the plunge. Anyway, confidence is a bit high, so you may ignore the caution.

Your breezy nature will keep you in good humour and you will be happy. You are known for being generous. Don't keep counting 'paisa' always; it has a way of reaching you and a way of saying bye to you. But be calculative in deals. By the way, why don't you apply your mind and heart more to the work on hand. You like luxuries in life. You love good clothes and you are a foody. This year promises to be good for those in business. You may get income from different sources. If you become greedy or if you are too rigid in your attitude, you may suffer losses. Advocacy is going to fetch you good money and politicians too are not lagging behind.

You will earn good name in society. Health will be good. In matters related to finance there could be some ups and downs but at the end, things will settle down. Those in different jobs may face some problems. You should shed your laziness to progress. Those in wholesale trade should be cautious in their business. Some celebrations on the domestic front are indicated.

Those in agriculture sector will get good crop and will be benefitted. Good time for liquor and cotton dealers. Those in finance business and contractors will benefit. Engineers, medical and those in legal profession should be careful. Do not become selfish. Politicians are likely to focus more on other things than public service. It will be a mixed bag for those in film industry.

Reading Adiya Hrudayam and Gayatri Mantram will do good for people born under this sign.

Mithunam (Gemini)

Hey, why are you so restless? Be focused. You are smart enough to know the path to solutions. You are intelligent to overcome hurdles and you are a good conversationalist.You should be able to convince others of your viewpoint. Don't be jumpy. You have the tendency to get angry. Pause for a minute don't show your anger. People born under this sign have high levels of self esteem which makes them egoistic. They are more independent. They believe in calling a spade and honest. They don't fall to sycophancy. Once at a time, day by day and through the weeks, that should be the mantra to satisfy you.

You will progress in life but after facing many hurdles. If you learn to be diplomatic, the progress will be faster. You earn well and save a lot too and that will make it easier to undertake a lot of travel, pilgrimage and tourism. Petty business keeps you busy as expenses are on high side. Possibility of change of job or place is indicated. You will come out successfully in legal matters. Pilgrimage is also on cards. All other fields, just be patient and dogged in your pursuits. Students will be successful in exams with hard work. Farmers will benefit from agriculture as good crop is Reading Sri Vishnu Kavacham every day keeps you away from negativity.

Those in medical profession, lawyers, techies, will benefit this year. Good tidings are indicated for them.A positive sign for all professionals is that your property disputes dissipate in your favour. Your career success will witness some transformation. People in social services, service-related industries like travel, food and beverage, mental health and well-being, life sciences, public speaking, arts, and literature will see enormous success.

Those into politics will encounter high pressures and hence add on problems. A positive sign for you and other professionals is that your property disputes dissipate in your favour. Good time for women as well. Foreign trips and purchase of gold jewellery is indicated.

As far as incomes and outflows, well an equitable year perhaps. Earn to spend and spend to earn. Both bring good tidings. Remember to read 'Aditya Hridayam' every morning at least.

Karkataka (Cancer)

A wonderful start will yield, usually, wonderful results. So be ready to chalk out a new course both in career and love. This is April and your good tidings have already begun. Make your homes and your people safe and secure.Cancerians make good politicians. They need to be more patient. Their work will be recognised and will get good opportunities. They are generally short tempered. They get agitated even on small issues. But heart of hearts they love people a lot and when it is not reciprocal they get angry. They are very creative. People born under this sing have hidden enemies. They lead disciplined life. They don't trust people easily. They have lot of interest in fine arts. They are good communicators. They will get mixed results in business and employment. They are likely to purchase land, house etc. Some celebrations are indicated.

They will profit from new ventures, children will progress in their studies but need to be focused. Foreign tours are likely. New equations and new friendships, new opportunities should not make you forget your exercise. Keep fit and cultivate healthy eating habits. Money flow is satisfactory to all. A question for men: why are you so worried about your women? Anger management is not her duty alone. At least don't contribute to it. Read 'Sundarakanda' or at least listen to it everyday. It is sure to ensure peace for you so your actions are cool. Naturally benefits flow.

Simha (Leo)

Everyone tells you that you are largehearted, helpful and unmindful of praise. You have a tendency to get angry soon but it is always short-lived. You always want to excel in whatever you do. Sometimes, you do things in a hurry and repent later. You are egoistic. If that can be controlled you will progress faster. You neither forget nor forgive insults. Let us assure you "your time starts now" provided you don't insist on leaving a mark on everything and anything. Let others also bask in your glory.

Keep your passports ready while limiting your wordy duels with your family members and relatives is possible. If you do not keep your anger under control, it can lead to problems. You will be successful in legal matters, Be prepared to be surprised by your partner in life. Together it is going to be smooth sailing. Those in Finance and contracts may not get good profits. Those aspiring for new house will either construct or buy a house. Joint ventures may result in loss.Be healthy. Balance your diet. It is a win-win situation for you.

Kanya (Virgo)

Single in the jungle? Not good for you. Get your companion as stars are favourable. Into finance? Aha..quite a rewarding return every time. One condition is that don't speculate please. Proper planning and methodical execution lead to abundance in life.

Fine arts, journalism and business are to take you to distant shores. You believe in being truthful. You have analytical mind. You want to make lot of money. You like good food, good clothes and basic luxuries in life. You are intelligent and know how to save money for the rainy season. You always struggle to earn good money. You hate vulgarity in speech or behavior. You have tendency to get worried even about smallsmall issues. Those in business or private employment will benefitted. Those in politics will also be successful. There is possibility to construct a new house and meet relatives. Your work will get recognition. Frequent travel is indicated and you need to be careful lest you may get some bad name. Those in Medical and legal profession will get good returns. Students will be successful in their studies.

Those in cotton and liquor business may not get good profits. Good time for Engineers. People in film industry will get recognition,

A prosperous future and a secured life. You will be become popular in society. Like it? Go ahead and cultivate the qualities mentioned above.

Thula (Libra)

A fine balancing act. Really. Yourare sensitive by nature, your soft approach, gentleness in word and deed will go a long way in ironing out the difficulties. You like cleanliness, you are known for good behavior. You don't like much of partying and other such activities. You like to travel a lot. You have interest in trading and want to earn lot of money. You don't get elated when praises are showered on you. You show lot of love towards your lovedone's. Honest to the core.

Ignore commendation and laudation. Don't worry about the family squabbles and dismiss the feelings of hurt (caused by outsiders). These will slow you down if you register them in your mind and heart. Those in business, farming and employment will get mixed results. People bornunder this sign may face some health issues. Differences with relations possible. Possibility of theft is also not ruled out. You need to be patient. May land in debts. Should be careful in joint ventures. Those employed may get transferred to different places. Legal problems are also indicated but will emerge victorious. Those in cotton business will be benefitted. Students need to put in more efforts to become successful in examinations.

Aditya Hridayam gives you peace. Like Temples? Blessed you are then as a lot many may be visited this year and not always for material success. If you want to 'settle down' in that sense, well scout for your partners as Saturn is benign on you being in its own house Aquarius.

An advice is to complete the job on hand. Avoid leaving anything half done. Remember your strengths to overcome this particular weakness. Healthwise, not much to bother and worry about. Newly married? Parenthood is not far off. Plan accordingly your earnings.

Vrischika (Scorpio)

Very soft natured, clear thoughts, highly reliable.They never reveal secrets to others. But their tone and tenor is generally harsh but they are good at heart. They have the capacity and will power to overcome mental stress and health problems. They are highly critical in their observations but are generous by nature. They are always in forefront to help others. Their levels of self confidence is high. If insulted, they do not hesitate in taking revenge. They have no control over splurging. Your rigidity is the outcome of your personal experiences long ago. Don't have to be dismissive. Friends will help you out. Don't dismiss them out of your life. Your capacity to adjust is tremendous and will stand by you in tricky situations.

Mixed tidings for those in business and employed. Will earn good money and will buy land and other such property. Will prosper in their profession and family life will be peaceful. Will lead comfortable life and health too would be good. Good time for those in politics.

However, some caution is needed as there could be some differences between husband and wife. Those in cloth business will get good profits. Those in liquor and finance business will face problems from administration but will earn good profits. Those in Medical and legal profession will face some problems. People belonging to film industry will be disappointed. Be rest assured, friends will come to your rescue and will help you in overcoming your problems.

Reading Vishnu sahasranamam will heal you more than any. Make it a habit to listen to it during your free time often. The essence of life is not rushing through it. Help the needy.

Dhanasu (Sagittarius)

A healthy year in store for you and you get stronger, physically and mentally too. You are sharp and tough. This toughness will help you overcome the loose ends. Don't be as broody as you tend to be. Play the game fairly as you always do and expect good tidings. You are god fearing and believe in traditions. Many people will crave for your friendship.

Family must have a goal and it is your job to focus on it. Breathe in as much fresh air as possible. Don't allow pollution related problems to besiege you.

Men tend to be dreamy and that is not good. Women in media, academics, business and software will be scoring over their male counterparts to acquire higher positions. Expenditure will be on a higher side but try to avoid loans. Not very good time for those in business or Agriculture. Results will be mixed. Joint ventures will be successful.

Makara (Capricorn)

Money, power, name and fame is what you look for. You don't make friends easily. You have lot of patience and you are hardworking. You are good at heart and that makes you successful in life. Highly disciplined and you tend to keep away from criticizing anyone. You have high commitment towards your profession whether it is job or business. You believe in being honest and earn honestly. Any new assignment or works you take up will be successful. Health will be good. The extraordinary nature of your family is that they are quite supportive. This will help you a lot this year. Go ahead and invest in real estate (if you find land) or in properties. Your stars are in your favour. Service sector also beckons you.

Traditions are important but not to the extent that they make you keep people away. Times are changing and hence adapt to the tide. It will ease you out of difficulties. Be gender sensitive and respect the views of women. They are not saying you are wrong, but only presenting their viewpoint.

Repose trust in your simple and straightforward attitude and continue with it whatever field you are in. There won't be many hiccups in life.

Kumbham (Aquarius)

Aquarians are soft and modest by nature They are kind to others. They don't change colors like chameleons. They generally do not develop hatred towards anyone and believe in completing the tasks given to them intime.You have high respect for women. You have good memory power.

This year is all about clarity and discipline in the workfront and you place your best foot forward. Your bosses will be appreciative of it and you automatically rise in your position. Money too will not be thrifty in reaching you from say, September or so.

Women score over men in deftly maneuvering the conversations at workplaces and men could learn from them. Legal issues will be favorably resolved. You will participate in religious activities. Good time for joint ventures. Some differences with your relatives is possible. Frequent travel including foreign visits is indicated. Need to be carful as you are accident prone.

All those from this Rashi should look at the long term benefits. The rest will be normal. Not exactly a gregarious period for all. Still, a profitable year.

Meena (Pisces)

Suppose you are driving on a highway and you suddenly find a caution road and a diversion. What do you do? You halt and then take the diversion. Saturn is giving you the caution as he enters the 12th House from your moon sign. It calls for discipline and a lot of it.

Don't panic. It also means a lot many windows of opportunities are opening. You are on a spiritual high that changes life for better. Discipline is essential because your life is going to be packed during the second half. Be careful whether you are in business or service sector in whatever you do. You may come across some people who may create hurdles or problems in your work. Possibility of theft is also there. Health issues may arise. For those in service sector transfers are indicated. Possibility of accidents not ruled out.

Both men and women will be climbing the success ladder. Nothing more to add. Stick to your plans and keep moving. Read Aditya hrudayam and Sundarakanda regularly.

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