Entry of women in mosques

Entry of women in mosques

This letter is with reference to your editorial “Entry of women in mosques: a point to ponder” (THI, April 19).

This letter is with reference to your editorial "Entry of women in mosques: a point to ponder" (THI, April 19). The Supreme Court gave the verdict in the Sabarimala case when the court lifted the bar on the centuries-old ban on the entry of women in the age group of 10 years to 50 years in the Sabarimala temple.

This verdict has created a great impact on Sabarimala devotees and the peace of Sabarimala devotees was disturbed. Now, the same is going to happen in the case of Muslim women being allowed in the mosques.

A Muslim couple has moved the Supreme Court against the prohibition of entry of Muslim women into mosques terming the ban illegal, un-constitutional and violation of dignity.

These petitioners are claiming that there should not be any gender discrimination at all and that all Muslim women should be allowed to pray in all mosques.

These petitioners directly want to impose Article 44 the Section of the Constitution that talks about uniform civil code. But all Muslims respect their personal law and no Muslim wants to introduce uniform civil code in their personal law.

There is no restriction on Muslim women for praying in mosques. And even there is no such gender discrimination to offer worship in Mecca, the Holy City. The faithful both men and women together circle the Kaaba.

There is not a single verse in Quran which prohibits women from entering in mosques. In- fact Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) encouraged women to pray in mosques.

So, Islam permits women to pray in mosques. They should have separate and equal facilities and rules do not permit inter mingle of sexes. Now the plea seeking the entry of women in mosques is nothing but to create a rift within the Muslim community and to disturb the peaceful situation in all mosques.

This all is happening because of no or half knowledge of people regarding Islam. It will be better on the Supreme Court not to consider a petition from the Muslim couple to allow women into mosques.

Zakir Hussain, Kazipet

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