IT jobs: Destructive or creative?

IT jobs: Destructive or creative?

India’s service sector is again running back with respect to its employment rate.

India's service sector is again running back with respect to its employment rate.

The recent statistics which came out in the month of January shows that it is the key sector in contributing its big share to the country's GDP and GVA, but at the same time, it is going down in the employment creation rate.

While most of the Indian workforce is still employed in the agricultural sector, it is the services sector that generates most of the country's GDP.

In fact, when looking at GDP distribution across economic sectors, agriculture lags behind with a mere 15 percent contribution.

Some of the leading services industries are telecommunications, software, textiles and chemicals, and production only seems to increase currently.

In service sector we have many services and industries, but the IT industry has a huge work to do.

The employment rate in other private sectors is dropping down when compared to huge job creating IT companies. In India, we have all giant corporate companies, which create huge employment every year for the youth of our country.

But this is also turning into a big problem for the other industries, as they could not find freshly graduated students not much passionate about working in non-IT sectors.

In India, every year about 1.5 million engineering students graduate and about 80 % of them are not employable. The problem involved in this case is that every engineering graduate wants to work in an IT domain irrespective of his subject and branch in graduation.

When a mechanical or electrical student wants to enter the IT industry, leaving behind his own domain jobs, it turns out to be a big problem for the country's youth in employment creation.

When majority of the students are opting to work under only one industry then the other industries will obviously be going back in employment creation.

But now it is time to take an active action against graduates of our country and IT companies where they need to be regulated with respect to job creation.

The government must set up strict laws, where the graduated student needs to work only in his or her graduated field unlike working randomly. And due to this action, the employment and the job development will be spread overall in every sector.

But we need to accept the fact that IT companies create huge employment but at the same cost they are destructing the creative employment.

The development in each sector or industry is an asset for our nation as it develops our economy.

T Bharath Bharadwaj, Nacharam, Hyderabad

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