MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

The BSNL imbroglio

I am unable to understand the financial crisis prevailing in BSNL/MTNL. Is the govt looking into it or even aware of? I have a landline and few post-paid connections and I am very satisfied about their service.

The BSNL cell connectivity is fairly reliable, especially good while travelling by train while others do not come up to expectations. I am very satisfied to have a landline which is especially convenient for senior citizens.

Is there any hidden agenda behind the govt's indifference to the ills of the organisation?

Let the dept of telecommunications come out with a white paper on BSNL/MTNL swiftly and fix a panel of committed experts to come out with a proper roadmap to put these organisations of national importance on its track.

This has to be done in a time bound manner and on emergent need.

J Kannan, Hyderabad

Can Jagan walk the talk?

Jagan's advice to the District Collectors to work with utmost sincerity as people's servants and not as rulers is most timely and welcome.

And the sincere concern he is showing in resolving the long pending problems of the common man with supersonic speed despite several financial constraints the state is facing is praiseworthy.

Transparency and the accountability are the much talked about terms after the new Government has assumed the office.

But how far Jagan would be able penetrate his ideas into the minds of the people in power and authority at lower level and bring out the necessary attitudinal changes in them to make his dreams a realty remains to be seen.

If what all he said can really be implemented Jagan will always be remembered for generations to come.

I am unable to hide my anguish to quote my own experience here. I had an occasion to visit the Human Rights Commission office some time back in Hyderabad, during a midsummer afternoon to submit a representation with regard to an unlawful acquisition of some our lands.

Though I was going on explaining the problem for some minutes, by standing before him, the gentleman, a retired judge in his full suit comfortably sitting in his seat in the air conditioned chamber, did not have courtesy to offer even a seat to me even though there were half a dozen vacant chairs before him.

I, as a grey haired fragile person reasonably well dressed deserved at least a seat if not any other courtesies. I should say I felt I was humiliated and left the office cursing myself for having visited them.

I wonder what sort of protection they would provide to the human rights at large when they do not care to extend the minimum courtesy of offering even a seat to a visitor.

Thota Chandrasekhara Reddy, Hyderabad

KCR's grand moves welcome

With reference to your main news item "the demolition man", I would like to say that in my view, it is unfair to call KCR as the demolition man.

The Assembly, the Secretariat, and the High Court are the symbols of the State power and democratic system. They are the buildings that give a feeling of confidence and strength of the Government among the people of the State.

They should give a grandeur look which exhibits the State's power. All the State offices located at one place in the Secretariat complex shall be appreciated.

Those two buildings of the seat of power, the Assembly and the Secretariat, would also become tourist places for the people who visit the city of Hyderabad.

Construction of great buildings in the city of Hyderabad which is the seat of Government will definitely enhance the aesthetic and grandeur look of the Capital.

The Chief Minister is a man of construction who has also taken up many gigantic irrigation projects' construction as well.

S. Vijaya Kumar, Secunderabad

A close look at aided institutions

There are different Directorates and Commissionerates in the Department of Education in different States and they have general supervision on Aided Institutions.

To remove loopholes, faults and vicissitudes, to avoid disorderly conditions, undesirable treatments, undue tortures and inconveniences and to overhaul the administration of Aided Elementary Schools, Aided High Schools and Aided Colleges, there is every need to segregate them by setting up a separate Cell or Directorate in respect of the Aided Institutions, stretching the hand of the Acts and Regulations with provision for absorbing highly qualified teaching personnel in lower institutions, enabling them to be promoted to higher posts and grades, by Higher Institutions of them, according to the willingness, consent and convenience of the relevant personnel.

These steps are required to be implemented to streamline the administration of all Aided Educational Institutions in respective States.

Prof Tuttagunta Visweswara Rao, Rajamahendravaram

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