MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th December 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th December 2022

Views of our readers

Govt attacks on judiciary not fair

The friction between the executive and judiciary has become glaringly visible now. The union law minister has been regularly finding fault with the existing system at every opportune moment. He criticised the vacation availed by judiciary annually and he also advised to stop seeing Bail applications and small Public interested litigations to bring down the load of pending cases. The free advice is not good for the health of democracy and the interests of the public as well.

One of the important duties of the apex court is to listen to the aggrieved person in the form of special leave petition against the perceived injustice done to him by the lower courts. It may not be the citizen's right, but it assures him hope and faith in the justice delivery system. In many times occasions it would undo the injustice. As the Chief Justice cited a case – where a person had been awarded 18 years imprisonment in a row for nine petty cases of theft by UP High Court – was justifiably reduced the term to two years, is certainly undoing injustice to him. It cannot be considered a small case as his fundamental rights are involved.

The time spent on individual bails by the apex court is also not futile, as it deals with one's right to freedom. The public interest litigations (PILs) have become mainstay for the people to look up for justice against all powerful agencies. So, the law minister's remarks are unfair in this regard. The government cannot sit on collegium's recommendations in eternity and blame the latter for vacancies. The judiciary cannot continue to be opaque in the selection process and blame the executive. Both should sit together and find ways to strengthen the justice delivery system in the interest of the nation and citizenry.

- Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram

Crude remarks of Bilawal: Even for Pak, a new low

Apropos "Shun politics, time to be pragmatic" and "Pak Foreign Minister Bilawal stoops to a new low" (17 Dec). First thing first whether it is Pakistan or China, neither has any right to speak about India's domestic issues of India. Pakistan leaders seem to have crossed all the limits and it is right on the part of EAM to hit back at them over comments on PM Modi, who was the CM of Gujarat during 2002 riots. I don't know how Congress and other opposition parties have reacted to the comments made by Bilawal. The ruling party leaders were quick to react and workers led by the youth wing leader went on stage in a huge protest in front of the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi and got political mileage. If the party was keen to send a strong message to Pakistan, they should have called all the opposition parties to join the protest in front of the Pakistan High Commission with the National flag instead of the party flag.

But Bilal's highly objectionable comments are in a way a result of dragging Pakistan and their leaders in our election battle even as recently as the just concluded Gujarat Election campaign by PM Modi and others. If the government led by PM wants to give Pakistan ``Muh Tod Jawab'' (befitting action or reply), they first keep their "Muh" closed, leave the jawab to our Armed forces and present India as "United States of India" (USI). It is high time for the ruling and opposition parties to stop dragging national issues in election battles and PM Modi has to take a lead.

- N Nagarajan, Hyderabad


The entire country is in utter shock at the comments of Pakisthan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UNO Security Council in New York (The Hans India,17/12). It is just insulting millions of Indians who made Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for two times with long tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. In spite of enimity, bitterness, wars, infiltration of terrorists killing innocents and war of words, Indian leaders including past Prime Ministers or Ministers of India never used uncivilised and abusive language against Pakisthan Prime Ministers or Presidents as India has been more tolerant country with its vast and ancient culture. It may be recalled how Perwez Musharaf, President of Pakistan, was treated as a guest by Vajpayee government by taking him to his native place and get interacted with local people. But the way Bilawal used his tongue inhumanly against Modi who is more spiritual minded shows how Pakisthan minister is degenerated in his mind and heart and not worth of becoming a minister. All political parties and entire country irrespective of anything should condemn Bilawal's highly bitter and uncivilised words with one voice as it is the prestige of Prime Minister of the country as well as citizens of the country but not as a person individually.

- JP Reddy, Nalgonda

Regulate spiralling costs of medicare

Communist Party of India's (CPI) P Santhosh Kumar has recently introduced a private members bill in Rajya Sabha, seeking to set up a national commission to control medical inflation, an issue of immense public interest. This has put the spotlight on the dire need to regulate and standardise the rising costs of medicines, diagnostic tests and pathological examinations. A huge majority of hospitalisations and outpatient services in the country are catered to by the private sector. Nearly 63 per cent of healthcare expenditure is out of pocket. A study has come out with startling figures that 7 per cent of India's population is pushed into poverty every year because of healthcare costs. The Centre's efforts on universal health coverage are noteworthy, but a sizeable number of people who are eligible are still not insured. Most hospitals follow market-based pricing for tests and allied services. The patients and attendants have little choice but to shell out the fee charged, no questions asked.

Healthcare is a public good. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure affordable and equitable access. To that end, the list of essential drugs with a price ceiling keeps growing. Availability is a problem, and so is lack of awareness. Pharma companies claim that lower profit margins narrow the window to innovate, invest in research and can be a factor in exiting the category under regulation. A serious, informed discussion in the House would be in order.


N Sadhasiva Reddy,

#6, 8th cross, 1st A main,

R R Layout, Gnanabharathi,


Show no lenience to big willful defaulters

A banker's lending decision need not always be correct and it is always inherent with risks such as ' ifs and buts' about the conduct of borrowers, end utilisations etc., at different stages but then the decisions are always taken bona fidely in the interests of the bank in almost all cases. It should be noted that the contribution of small loans towards becoming NPAs is definitely small and it is only the big or corporate borrowers loans which form the bulk of the NPAs in all the banks' balance sheets as seen for around 10 years. The bankers have to identify and separate hardcore wilful default loan accounts from other borrowal accounts list which have become bad due to factors 'beyond their control.'

Further, when all the recovery steps including SARFAESI, DRT, nursing and restructuring sick units to the extent possible, suit filing, decrees executing (wherever necessary), etc., have been utilised and exhausted with no chances of recovery, the bankers ultimately go for one time settlements with concessions.

Filing criminal cases against fraudulent borrowers will put fear amongst fraudsters to a great extent and motivate honest repayers to continue honesty. The present government is certainly taking big steps in targeting recoveries from ' fraudulent borrowers who have fled to abroad ' which should be further speeded up since recovery in written off accounts is just around a 10% which is just a pittance compared to a giant Rs 10 lakh crore NPA write-off .

- Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad


It is quite disheartening to note that the scheduled commercial banks in the last five years starting from 2017-18 recovered only 13% of the the written off accounts. As per data,the written off amount by these banks is above Rs.10.09 lakh crores. The recovery process in the written off accounts must be made stringent if possible punishable even putting them in jail. This would certainly damage their reputation and goodwill. Otherwise, the government should give permission to banks to publish their names as chronic defaulters in news papers. It also should find out a way to check the assets of the kith and kin and also close friends during loan period. More stress should be made by government and RBI to monitor closely the recovery process undertaken by the bank staff. Any lapse in this must be strictly punished. If possible the help of investigating agencies must be taken towards hardcore borrowers. Now-a-days since most of the banking transactions are undertaken online,the bank staff must be utilised for recovery and attempts such as dharna must be taken up.

- TSN Rao, Hyderabad

The worrying trend of calls to boycott films

Now in Bollywood is surrounded by controversies, a day creates around movies, moral policing and boycott calls. Previously in social media there was a call to boycott Aamir Khan's film "Lal Singh Chadha," just because the actor belongs to a particular community. Now same hate mongers are trolling to boycott Shahrukh Khan's latest film "Pathan." Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are caught in the middle of controversies for showing Padukone in a saffron bikini in the song 'Besharam Rang' in the film. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra raised the issue and triggered the saffron bikini row. He even said that Deepika Padukone is a supporter of the Tukde Tukde gang and warned the scenes and costumes should be corrected otherwise the film would not be allowed in Madhya Pradesh. After minister's statement soon hate mongers joined him and are demanding the boycott of film.

These hate mongers should know that whether it is saffron colour or any other colour, all colours belong to all religions. There is nowhere said that saffron colour belongs to Hindus and green colour belongs to Islam only. Khan is also targeted and his son Aryan Khan was arrested through conspiracy though he had no drugs on him. Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan rightly talked and raised their voice against the recent trend of boycotting films. Trolling a film because a crew members' ideology differs from yours is unfair to other hundreds who have worked hard to make the film. The point is any movie should not be boycotted for a particular person. If the movie is good it should be watched, acknowledged and appreciated.

- Zeeshaan, Kazipet.

Politics & pragmatism seldom get to gel

Ramu Sarma's bold talk "Shun politics, time to be pragmatic" (December 17) dissecting die-hard nature of neighbouring knave China in all proportions in a perspective manner, is worth noting by Indian leadership, whether in governance or not. As well-crafted, according to a podcast former Chief of Army General Manoj Mukund Naravene, China's attempts to change the status quo along the Line of Actual Control by resorting to "salami slicing" tactics have led to a "more assertive response from the Indian Army." Most of the military officers after demitting their offices open up their tongues on how we lost or won wars and how governments from time to time keep defence personnel under control when they were actually in the war field. It is worth mentioning here that in one of the incursions of Pakistan on Indian borders, I remember that Air Force men sought permission to continue its onslaught on enemy country, Indian government rebuffed the plea. There were many such episodes earlier.

Coming to land grabbing issue, it is reported that thousands of square miles were forcefully and illegally occupied by Pakistan in Kashmir valley called as POK. China also illicitly, unlawfully and cunningly amassed a huge land in Arunachal Pradesh. Both countries are claiming that these portions belong to them. Is it a correct statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said that no one occupied our land and no one has entered India and that none of our posts is in occupation of anyone else?

It may be noted that the major lapse was done while drawing the border lines with benchmarks. Now this subject problem became a zealot one. Indian Governments since pre and post independence did not evince any responsibility to sort out these border issues by vehemently involving Security Council of United Nations Organisations or through International Court of Justice. Conclusively it is more than certain that politics cannot be shunned and pragmatic approach also cannot be reached. The only solace is whenever wars with neighbouring countries occur, India as a whole irrespective of political animosities unite together.

- Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad


The writer V Ramu Sarma had correctly pointed out that politicians always see red in order to raise an issue even if it is sensitive in nature to score brownie points rather than coming forward to offer constructive suggestions. It is shameful that Congress members led by Rahul Gandhi ignoring chronicle of valour displayed by our forces stooped low to disbelieve our defenders by spreading lies that Indian government is sleeping over china's threat of war.

Even when Indian army's response has been quick and assertive whenever PLA troops tries to forcibly occupy our territory, Rahul without an effort to find out the truth, going on with an absurd rant that China is preparing for war by amplifying Chinese lies only goes to reveal that not only his statements are inconsistent but also insensitive. Such utterances devoid of truth off on on to demoralise our forces is highly condemnable.

Every Indian knows the loss of our territory to China was only due to then Congress party led by Jawaharlal Nehru's short-sightedness. However, at the same time, the efforts of successive governments for stepping up diplomatic measures during the last 60 years to improve relations with China are laudable. But the steep decline in India-China relations due to Xi Jinping's adamant stand and belief to covet territory of other nations by force and support to international terrorists has made China all the more unpredictable. In this fragile situation, when China is making all-out efforts to provoke India through the help of Pakistan, the opposition having a last laugh at the predicament and instead of condemning the actions of our deadly enemies finding fault with the government on the basis of lies and half-truth is unforgivable.

- K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

Dominique's charity of joy

Poet and author Oscar Wilde once said that," Millionaire models are rare and model millionaires are rarer still."Most people when they become rich celebrities don't think of giving something back to the society in the form of charity and noble deeds. Those who do it become models to others to follow the suit. We can call them 'Celebrities as Philanthropists'. There are a few authors, poets and painters among such do-gooders and Dominique Lapierre, French author and "The Freedom At Midnight" novel fame who passed away a few days ago, is one among them.

In his long and eventful life, Dominique visited many countries including India, met thousands of people and saw life in its varied hues and shades. He used all his experiences and first hand information about people and places in many of his novels."A Dollar For A Thousand Kilometers" and Honeymoon Around The Earth" are two such novels. He spent, along with his co-author, Collins, four years in Jerusalem city to do some meticulous research into the history of the holy city before they wrote the novel,"O,Jerusalem." It seems Dominique had a penchant for writing about cities and his novels,"Is Paris Burning," "A City of Joy(about Calcutta city),"Five Past Midnight In Bhopal," "O Jerusalem" and "Is Newyork Buring" hold a mirror to that passion.

Dominique's love for and attachment with India and Indians percolated into his humanitarian work here. Half of his earnings from his novels he spent for charity work in the infamous slums of Calcutta city. People in West Bengal treated him as an idol for his selfless service. His"Five Past Midnight "is about the deadly gas leak tragedy in Bhopal which snuffed out thousands of lives. Most of the earnings from the sale of this novel Dominique spent for the victims of the tragedy.

Dominique Lapierre is like Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, John Grisham, James Patterson and Sudha Murthy, the other author-philanthropists who also have used their wealth from their books for greater social causes. In recognition of his humanitarian work in India, our government honored Dominique with a Padma Bhusan award in 2008. Dominique breathed his last on December 4, aged 91, and his wife as usual will continue the Charity of Joy in the service of people. Let their tribe increase.

- M Somasekhar Prasad, Hyderabad

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