MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd January 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd January 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd January 2021


MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd January 2021

Ugly spat, avoidable

Literally there is a fight between the A P legislature with the judiciary which is a sorry state of affairs prevailing in the State. It is really shocking that the ruling party announces and implements some scheme or the other under the head of welfare involving money/ people each and every day when on the other side the same government states of corona fear being the reason fighting for postponement of panchayat elections in courts..

Even a layman knows that the actions of the ruling party are only political to defeat the State Election Commissioner both officially and personal reputation damage with utmost non-co-operation to him throwing away basic rules of decency and decorum given to the State Election Commission under the constitution..

It is also a very bad behaviour of some MLAs and even ministers criticising the commissioner indecently in electronic media and the press recently. Thus, it is a timely correct decision taken by the full bench of the A P High court in over-riding the single judge decision taken earlier for postponement of elections and advising the state to hold panchayat elections as per the schedule already announced by the SEC.

Further, it is really ridiculous for the employees unions to also take political decisions in such an important issue when they are expected to be neutral and carry on the orders of the government whichever is ruling the state.. After all, are they not involved in all these every-day schemes. that are being announced by the government every day involving thousands of people and if so what about Corona ? The State can always go to Supreme Court but at whose cost and it is the cost of the tax-payers which the people should know.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Rajahmundry

Will US see winds of change?

Apropos, "Biden takes oath as 46th US President", (The Hans India, January 21). President Joe Biden has taken office in a country looking strikingly different than it did on his predecessor's Inauguration Day. His elevation as the 46th President of the United State (US) marks a moment of victory for all those who believe in liberal democracy, civilised politics within the rules of the game, responsible leadership, and the inclusion of various social groups, including minorities in the power structure. But his most challenging domestic political task will be to heal a divided nation - the fact that over 70 million people voted for Mr Trump is a grim reminder of the internal fault lines.

Along with domestic priorities, Biden's presidency will have to deal with the most strategic challenge of the times - the belligerence of China. With Biden having described India as a "bipartisan success story", there will be overall continuity in the US view of India as balancing Chinese power in Asia.

So progress on defence ties should continue apace. But as its suspension of India's benefits under the Generalised System of Preferences showed, all too often the Trump administration took disproportionate economic swipes against friends. A more strategic and sensible approach is expected from the Biden administration.

Against this economic backdrop, India should not just aim at status quo ante but a comprehensive trade agreement. We should let ambition, rather than trepidation and indecision, be our guide. For now, all democrats should celebrate Mr Biden's win - and the return of the politics of sanity in the most powerful country of the world.

N Sadhasiva Reddy, Bengaluru


With assuming of Joe Biden as 46th President of the US the new era began in that country. The outgoing President Trump neither respected nor cared the age old traditions of the country even at time of transfer of power .Trump with his stubborn decisions during his tenure made dent to the soul of America - freedom, equality, communal harmony and traditions. So, the Trump rule can be compared to the internal war in that country in 1861 and great economic depression in 1933 during which Abraham Lincoln and Francolin Roosevelt faced the challenges .

Similarly new President Biden who is said to be the oldest President in that country's history has to face the challenges which were virtually made by the Trump rule. The Trump policy decisions not only shook the conscience of the USA but also had international ramfications.

Besides putting these hasty decisions with matured understanding Biden must strive for put the $ 1.9 lakh crore package supposed to revive the economy that suffered from the pandemic. The new President also must insist on scientific methods to control the virus which were largely neglected by the outgoing President. The brighter side of the November 2020 elections in the country is electing woman as Vice President of the country for the first time after women got right to franchise 100 years ago that too with roots in India.

Pratapa Reddy Yaramala, Tiruvuru

BJP and 'Kamalam'

I think BJP seems to be falling short of states and cities for changing the names and Gujarat Chief Minister has now taken up the task of renaming the dragon fruit as "Kamalam" which indeed resembles his party's symbol. Maybe when the elections are around next time, the Election Commission may direct to hide this fruit during the campaign. Why Gujarat government did not consider Hindi name "Ajagar" or Hindu mythological name "Vritra" instead of Kamalam, a name which is quite common in south India.

Either way, the fruit grown in Gujarat is beyond the reach of the common man unless the BJP promises to give Kamalam free of cost. On a lighter note, our national fruit Mango in Hindi is called "Aam". Will BJP rename the fruit as it syncs with "Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as "Kaamalam" to stir-up hornest' nest!

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

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