MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st March 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 4th May 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 4th May 2022


After Hijab row, another ugly situation has arisen in Karnataka.

Tough battle awaits AAP in TS

The writer Dr Ramu Suravajjula has aptly summarised that present day politics and politicians are the worst contributors to the deteriorating political situation throughout the country, hence AAP like few other parties in the past having failed may only get washed out unable to withstand the farcical ways used by present political parties in the state. Kejriwal may have mastered the art of political communication and won Delhi twice in succession, he cannot blindly apply the Delhi model of governance to Telangana as the ground situation is different by every yardstick. In other words, when our country is still a land of conflicts of many sorts like economic, social, religion and caste which plays a vital role in the polls with Telangana been no exception, a strong sense of social commitment is not enough because money and muscle power would try to weaken AAP's stand at every stage once they enter the poll fray. Therefore, AAP contemplating to enter Telangana with a big bang to bring winds of change in the state plagued with corruption, nepotism and numerous other related problems may not be able to swim the tide and prove itself merely by joining hands with men and parties who have been rejected by the people lock, stock and barrel in the past.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

Communalism at its worst

After Hijab row, another ugly situation has arisen in Karnataka. The Hindutva groups have lent a communal colour to the festivities by forcing the local administration and temple committee to bar Muslim traders from putting stalls in temple premises and temple fairs. The reason is Muslim traders in Karnataka downed shutters in protest against Hijab order. Since then a rule in old act is being cited to keep them out of temple premises and temple fairs. It is sad and distressing to note that religion has become a reason to boycott Muslim traders. The ban will set a bad precedence and further it will create a divide in society. The ban on Muslim traders proves not only communal harmony at a stake but also business and livelihoods of small traders. Keeping away Muslim traders doing business from temple premises, who are running shops for years is nothing but leaving them to die in starvation. Hindutva groups are not thinking about that what will happen if Indian citizens working abroad in Muslim majority nations face subject to a similar boycott?. The central Government should immediately intervene into this matter.

Zeeshaan, Kazipet

Mamata's dogged pursuit

Mamata Banerjee is trying to woo non BJP CMs to her fold in an effort to upset the ruling party at the centre. Her efforts to unite the opposition failed to yield any result in the past. Even Telangana Chief Minister tried this trick earlier and failed miserably. Mamata has called for a meeting of progressive forces to discuss the strategies to take on Saffron forces. Her urge to everyone to come together appears for vested interests as she aspires to become the Prime Minister. The deliberation to find out the ways and means for a future course of action is just a beginning. But the move may fail miserably because all the opposition leaders aspire to lead the country and that will be just a daydream in the present circumstances. Leading a state and leading the country is a different cup of tea. Modi led Gujarat for a considerable time, had rich experience as an able administrator and then switched over to national politics. Didi is desperate to occupy the PM's chair and that will be a tough task in the light poor back up she received from the other like-minded parties.

M R Jayanthi, Coimbatore

Stop war, start diplomacy

The peace talks to thrash out the major sticking points like Ukrainian neutrality, the question of Ukraine joining NATO, security guarantees for Ukraine, recognizing Crimea peninsula as part of Russian territory and declaring Donbas as an independent region and work out a peace deal between the Russian and the Ukrainian delegations have raised some hope of de-escalation of the full-scale military conflict in Ukraine.

It is not quite clear whether Russia will really 'radically reduce military operations' to signal its readiness for a ceasefire or says so as a ploy to regroup and reposition its forces and renew the attack with more vigour. True to its claim that it is scaling back the military campaign, Russia is pulling back some troops from Kyiv. At the same time, reports say that it is intensifying the attacks in regions like Donbas. Despite Russia's superior military might, the Ukrainians are offering resistance for Moscow, perhaps with arms supplied by the West, to scent victory. Russia is still to scent victory. There can be no justification for war whatsoever when we consider its human cost in terms of death and destruction. By its very nature, war is costly in terms of lives; it serves no purpose; it produces no winner, only losers; it is futile and antithetical to our sense of common humanity.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

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