MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 20th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 20th November 2020


Celebrating Diwali with the sparkles of crackers is an age old tradition

Crackers and Covid scare

Celebrating Diwali with the sparkles of crackers is an age old tradition. Crackers are essential elements during many major festivals and events. Banning crackers in many of the regions like Delhi,Mumbai,Calcutta, Odisha and Rajasthan is absolutely good idea but the reason they mentioned " Due to Covid 19" is not quite satisfying. People around the world are worried about pollution but we are still in a dilemma whether to ban fire crackers or not. Even after Covid 19 there must be a ban on fire crackers or reducing the use of crackers so that we can at least reduce the pollution by 2.5 per cent caused by crackers. The makers of fire crackers in Tamil Nadu are the major sufferers of this act as mentioned by its CM. So there must be some actions to employ those workers in other sectors ,they can also be funded by the government for their India must also head for pollution-free India.

K Sai Manideep, Rangareddy

Apropos "Mumbai,Kolkata ban crackers" (THI 6 November). On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu CM keeping in mind livelihoods of lakhs of people Sivakasi the major hub of fire crackers has urged his counterparts not to ban crackers. Unfortunately, crackers ban either by courts or the government in India become a big joke as there is no mechanism to implement ban. As a matter of fact, law makers, judiciary and police are to be blamed for making mockery of crackers ban. Whenever some low level to high level leaders get some post or win elections, even during non-Diwali period crackers are openly burnt and police remains mute. Come marriage season, it's free for all irrespective of time of the day.

The other day, a nominated Judge of Telagana HC was celebrating marriage of his family member. It ended with crackers and fireworks at midnight along with band baja without caring for his sleeping neighbours. If this is how a responsible judge behaves, how the ban be implemented among the common people. Though yours truly like many others as youngsters used to burn crackers but those days parents had small budget which would be less than fifty rupees and the rich families may cross hundred rupees and with less population, noise and pollution was less. However, now with growing population, congested cities compounded by people splurging huge money on crackers mainly to show off is adding more noise and pollution. We the people should show some responsibility towards our society and fellow citizens. Those in power should do some introspection and practice what they want to implement among general public.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Sustaining safe higher education

The UGC has granted the green signal for reopening of universities and colleges through its latest guidelines issued on November 5. As per circular, the guidelines may be adopted by the institutions as per the local conditions and directives of the Government authorities. The universities and colleges outside the containment zones may be opened in a graded manner after consultations with concerned State/UT Governments and subject to the fulfillment of the guidelines/SOP for safety and health protocol prepared by UGC.

The institutions should ensure that not more than 50 percent of the total students will be present at any point in time and necessary guidelines/protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are in place. Universities and colleges must follow social distancing, use of face masks, and other protective measures also with administrative offices, research laboratories, and libraries. This is a good move to sustained higher education in the post-pandemic period.

Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

Arnab found his match in Shiv Sena

Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami's arrest by the Mumbai police was not a politically motivated act or an infringement of media freedom, as made out to be by the right-wing ruling elites. It was in connection with an abetment to suicide case.

What is at issue is whether the TV anchor refused to pay the money that he allegedly owed to Anvay Naik, an interior designer by profession and abetted his suicide. The case should not have been closed the way it was when Anvay Naik named Arnab Goswami and mentioned the non-payment of dues in his suicide note and there was evidence that the anchor tried in vain to transfer money into Anvay Naik's account after his death. Reopening a case is not done for the first time.

Any sort of glee at the TV anchor's arrest is unwarranted and must be avoided as he should not be held to his own abysmally low standards. It is also not necessary to say that he has found his match in Shiv Sena. At the same time, we can be upfront about the immense harm that his style of journalism bordering on hate-mongering does to the country. Gratuitous polarization on television is his forte. Be that as it may, a TV anchor, by virtue of being a pro-or anti-this or that TV anchor, cannot have or claim immunity from prosecution for alleged offences.

To say that Arnab Goswami has been BJP's de facto spokesperson is to state the obvious. He is certainly perceived to be BJP's proxy and mouthpiece. His use of lung power in support of the BJP cannot place him above the law of the land. BJP cannot support the beleaguered anchor beyond a point without giving the impression that it is not in favour of the law taking its own course.

BJP cannot afford to be seen to be unkind and unsympathetic to the Anvay Naik's family. It cannot say that the law should take its course "selectively". When it comes to pre-trial arrests, the rule should be the same to all. Remember that the criminal code is uniform in our country. Politics or political affiliations cannot be a determinant or consideration in cases. Justice must prevail in all cases.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

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