MyVoice: Views of our readers 9th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 9th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 9th September 2021


Despite governmental orders to keep away public gatherings, Ganesh pendals are being erected on the internal roads blocking the ways. Khairatabad Ganesh idol is 40 feet tall this year.

Beware of third wave

Despite governmental orders to keep away public gatherings, Ganesh pendals are being erected on the internal roads blocking the ways. Khairatabad Ganesh idol is 40 feet tall this year. Though precautions like sanitser tunnels, temperature checks and mandatory masks are being taken, mass crowding cannot be averted. New corona variants are threatening besides dengue and malaria due to torrential rains and uncleaned stinking drainages. Hospital beds are already full with virus infected patients. Under such crucial conditions it is wise to celebrate the festivals in houses. But our adamant bhaktas never pay heed to good advice. How long government and police can control the masses?

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

Stock up vax & set records seems to be Centre's way

Great day (again) on the vaccination front and on the cricket pitch. As always, #TeamIndia wins! SabkoVaccine Muft Vaccine, so read the tweet of our PM. While Team India needs appreciation from all including the PM, comparing vaccination with test match win is something not in tune with India's vaccination programme. When focus is on setting a record, the stocks are kept on hold, particularly states ruled by BJP. Some time in August, the Center advised states to prioritise vaccinating the teachers to coincide with Teachers Day on 5th September. Again we witnessed a record number of doses which was hailed by the PM. Instead of waiting for Teachers Day, if the government had treated them on par with Covid warriors, the lives of many teachers could have been saved.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Terrorists secure berths in Afghan cabinet

The newly announced interim government in Afghanistan has disappointed the international community by being non-inclusive in nature. The cabinet of 33 includes UN designated terrorists and has a stamp of Pakistan. One cannot expect a peaceful, prosperous, progressive and friendly rule from the new government, given their doubtful credentials and fanatic history. Pakistan must be happy to have them at helm so that it can fish in the troubled waters. The international community, especially the world leaders, should act one without any bias in dealing with the rulers of Afghanistan. Lest the world would have to pay the price due to sprouting of terrorism. Especially, India has its task cut out.

Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram


The saying that 'one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist' and vice versa does not quite apply in the present context in Afghanistan as the Taliban is still to demonstrate to the wider world that it distinguishes between humanity and inhumanity. The Taliban has to reinvent itself as an organization that respects human rights, divergent opinions and ways of life, women's autonomy and prioritizes economic renewal above religious agenda if it is to succeed as a government and gain international recognition.

G David Milton, Maruthancode


Twenty-three days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, an interim regime comprising most wanted terrorists of the world, has been formed as Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Interior Minister and other portfolios that gives a false semblance of an elected government in the country, under the brutal and despicable rule of sharia by the Taliban. The women in Afghanistan proved to be leading torch-bearers in condemning Pakistan for its heinous role in liberating Panjshir province that proved impossible for the Taliban to liberate from the North Alliance Resistance forces, using the air forces and other heavy artillery that cannot be forgiven by the Afghans for backstabbing the country, for setting up a puppet regime in Afghanistan.

K R Parvathy, Mysuru

Reform quota policy

For years, people of reserved and unreserved categories are raising their voices to refine the existing reservation policy but in vein. First of all, let the government scrap this policy and bring an entirely new policy to include all i.e., SC/ST, minorities, and EWS i.e economically weaker sections irrespective of caste, so that all castes upper and lower castes who are economically weaker may enjoy the fruits of reservation. Let the percentages be divided according to the number of people in different categories.

This causes nobody to envy on others. No doubt, the existing policy has been making injustice to some reserved categories and all financially weak people in the upper castes. A complete overhaul of the policy is the need of the hour.

T Hanumantha Rao ,Anakapalle

A form of manipulation

Dr Ramu Suravajjula's write-up made an interesting read but as the tenet of flattery finds an echo from ancient times in epics and in kings darbar to win the heart of rulers in a bid to receive an award or recognition is a fact that cannot be erased so easily. Of late, flattery is practised in every field by everyone to gain prominence and more so in political parties.

The conduct of politics by Stalin and Mathur in Kerala stands as good examples to put an end to flattery but these are only drops in a ocean and fade away from public memory in no time.

All in all, erasing flattery may not be fully possible but as nothing fortifies the mind better by taking on life with a perspective by following the footsteps of great people accomplishing great works so that the men who indulge in 'Flatter' are shown the place so that they do not rise to resort to this unhealthy practice.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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