'Click' is Belgaum lensman's perfect shot in photography

‘Click’ is Belgaum lensman’s perfect shot in photography

‘Click’ is Belgaum lensman’s perfect shot in photography


When Nikon, Canon And Epson Are Not Cameras

Bengaluru: Security cameras have become a regular part of our lives: they're often there watching when an intruder enter one's house. In the 'Brave New World', security camera systems are omnipresent at the entrance of the buildings. They have become our eyes watching over our family when not home.

In Belgaum, however, an entire building is a camera, while Nikon, Canon and Epson are not cameras, but humans. 49-year-old Ravi Hongal has created what perhaps could be the world's first camera-shaped building named - 'Click'. While security cameras installed in buildings secretly click the images of intruders, Ravi Hongal's 'Click' has become a show-stopper with every curious passer-by taking a snap of the camera-shaped building.

"The first floor has elements of an Epson printer, the second has the body of a Nikon camera, and the third floor has the flash of a Canon camera and the terrace wall with a button to click. The three floors represent my three sons.

There is a lens, a memory card, a showreel and a viewfinder on the exterior of the building, even the interior design includes parts of a camera. This is the greatest 'click' and the best shot in my life," says Ravi Hongal in a telephonic conversation with The Hans India.

On one side of the building is a film reflective of the bygone era of Analog photography, below it a chip. 'This is only to show the stark and striking contrast between the Analog verus the digitally improved world of photography," explains Ravi Hongal.

It took two-and-half years to turn his dream home into a reality, and over Rs 71 lakh to complete the project. What started as a fun project has since become a huge hit among neighbours and strangers. "I took the road less travelled and followed my heart. I sold off a piece of land I owned in Belgaum and raised home loan. I had spent the last penny on the building, even pledged my wife's jewellery," says Ravi Hongal.

Ravi took a deep dive into the world of photography when he was 15 fascinated by rural landscape and picturesque scenes awash in warm morning sunbeams or cool glimmering twilight. At other times, he would capture images of weddings and other special events through his Rani Digital Studio named after his wife, and which he had set up when he was 20.

All photographers remember the magic of the first camera they owned. Ravi Hongal started early in life, where his love for photography encouraged him at 15 to try his skills first with Pentex, later Canon, Nikon and Epson cameras. While in high

school, he took images of nature. In the later years, he started covering public functions, cultural events and weddings in his hometown. "I was bitten by the photography bug when I was a kid. I am fond of shooting wildlife and flora," says the 49-year-old photographer.

His children Canon, Nikon and Epson, three of them since an early age also developed a knack for photography just like their father; in fact, Canon even became a model for Nikon and Epson and started accompanying him on his shoots. "Canon is 20 years old, Nikon 18 years and Epson 13 years. They all are into photograpy," says Ravi Hongal.

The entire family is one big 'Click' in Belgaum.

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