Cantonment board polls: Ward-8

Cantonment board polls: Ward-8

There were several initiatives that we took, including construction of underground drainage pipelines.

What projects did you take up in your term?

There were several initiatives that we took, including construction of underground drainage pipelines. All the colonies have proper lighting. We developed a park along with a yoga shed at Bolarum, using Rs 1 crore from the MLA funds, regularised illegal water connections. I also laid asbestos sheet and tiled the roofs of houses in bastis, using the MLA funds. Due to the fund crunch, a shopping complex is pending.

What is the status of community hall at Ambedkar Nagar?

This hall is my dream project as it will be the biggest community hall in the entire 62 Cantonments. It is a project of Rs 1.6 crore and already Rs 1 crore from MP funds was spent. The construction is stopped due to fund crunch. The hall is a 9,000 SqFT per floor.

Roads are still in bad condition. What were you doing?

Almost all the roads are widened and re-carpeted, as earlier even a moderate amount of rainfall was enough for water logging. Some internal roads at Risala Bazar are in very bad condition. New road in this area was sanctioned but could not be laid due to fund crunch. It will be taken up.

Water supply is still an issue. What measures are taken?

Five years back there was an acute shortage of water. I tried to solve it and almost all the households have water pipelines. The main reason was the SCB had dues pending of Rs 31 crore from the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) and later we approached the state government. The state government waived Rs 16 crore.

Cantonment General Hospital still does not function 24/7

The Cantonment Board cannot run this hospital due to funds issue, so we have proposed to the state government to club the Cantonment Hospital with the Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) so that it can also be a 24-hour service. Many times, we approached the state government for help, but there has been no response from them yet.

What did you do when civilians suffered due to road closure at Lakdawala Gate?

Only at night times, the gate is closed and during the rest of the day it is open to the public. We have written a letter to the Southern Command, and we are yet to receive clarification from them.

How confident are you of winning?

In my tenure, I worked to ensure more development and I tried to provide all the basic amenities and some were stopped due to lack of funds. This election, I am sure that if I win, I am going to fulfill all the requirements of the public.


15 colonies with around 31,000 voters

Main areas: Bolarum, Risala Bazar, Sadar Bazar


  1. Drainage system
  2. Proper lighting
  3. Parks

What it needs

  1. Internal roads should be laid
  2. Footpaths
  3. Community hall
  4. 24-hour service at General Hospital
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