Covid Third wave a mirage?

Coronavirus Representational Image (Image / Freepik)

Coronavirus Representational Image (Image / Freepik)


Despite third wave threat no Sero survey done among children

Hyderabad: Though experts and even the Union Government has been issuing alerts about the possibility of a third wave and has asked all the State Governments to be in a state of preparedness, the Telangana Health department feels that there would no third wave. Even if it strikes, it will not be severe, the department claims.

All these are just assumptions and could be propaganda as part of a business strategy it feels. While States like Maharashtra have conducted Sero survey on children which revealed that about half of them had developed antibodies that reduce the threat of third wave among children, no such survey has been taken up either by the government or any research organisation, some doctors said.

Survey advisor to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Dr Rakesh Mishra said that a general Sero survey was done in Hyderabad in March this year by the CCMB in which the youngest group of 10 to 19 years were found with 55% Seropositivity. No special Sero survey has been carried out after that.

A paediatrician associated with research works Dr Kedar said the number of infected children in Telangana was less during the second wave of Covid-19. Children normally develop antibodies naturally which is enough to fight against any viruses.

Information about the third wave is just a theory; it is very difficult to say whether it will appear or not. Also, it is hard to say that will impact only children or adults.

Vaccination is the only solution to break the chain of corona virus. The adult population must be vaccinated to stop transmission of the virus, Dr Kedar added.

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