Create awareness among farmers on crop diversification says Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy

Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy

Minister Niranjan Reddy


Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy tells officials

Hyderabad: Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy said that farmers in Telangana can create wonders and the officials should create awareness among them about the importance of crop diversification.

Addressing a meeting of district agriculture officers here on Saturday, he said that farmers' focus should be shifted from cultivating paddy to alternate crops lime black gram, mung beans instead of paddy during rainy season in Kharif to reduce fertilisers usage and encourage them to cultivate sun flower and castor seeds, which have international demand. And it is not an impossible task if the officials give their best to provide awareness among farmers, he added. The Minister asked the officials of agriculture and horticulture departments to work in coordination to encourage farmers to take up oil palm cultivation.

Niranjan Reddy said that the application of Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) is not needed for the lands in Telangana. Reducing use of fertilisers and chemicals would reduce the input costs for farmers, he said. The officials were asked to take steps to provide basic amenities in Rythu Vedikas and to arrange meetings at these Vedikas and assembly level meeting. A review of several changes in agriculture sector has become an ongoing process since the formation of Telangana, he said.

The Minister said it is an unfortunate situation for unable to cultivate paddy in Rabi season and the Centre has failed in balancing production and distribution of food grains in the country. Telangana is the top among all other States in paddy production. 'However, pulses, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables have much demand in the market.

Farmers should be made aware of the same.' For this, the Minister asked the officials to form teams at State level to take up future course of action to create awareness among farmers on the importance of taking up alternate crops.

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