Hyderabad: Juvenile arrested for harassing medico

Hyderabad: Juvenile arrested for harassing medico

Hyderabad: Juvenile arrested for harassing medico


  • He posted abusive and offensive stuff on girl’s social media timeline
  • Threatened to morph her pictures, steal money from her father’s account

Cyberabad: The Cyberabad Police on Wednesday arrested a juvenile boy for harassing an MBBS student by hacking her social media and email account; he also used them to post abusive and offensive stuff.

In the complaint filed by the girl on February 1, she stated that her account was hacked and an unknown person is posting abusive comments during her online classes.

After investigating the matter thoroughly it was found that the accused was the complainant's neighbour to whom she had given her mobile a few days ago to delete her Facebook and Instagram account as she was unable to do it due to some technical issues. The accused juvenile then did not delete her accounts rather he changed the passwords and used the accounts from his phone and informed the girl that the issue was resolved, said the police.

Further investigations revealed that the accused juvenile also changed the security lock or PIN number of the devices connected to the Wi-Fi in their home to create an impact that all devices were hacked.

Further, he reactivated the Facebook account of the complainant and started posting her pictures and vulgar posts on her timeline. However, when the victim girl tried to change her password with the help of another neighbor's son the accused juvenile reactivated the accounts again and sent a message that he has hacked all their accounts and will post the morphed pictures of victim on internet and steal the money from her father's bank account, said the police. The accused juvenile was arrested and sent to observation home for character correction.

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